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    As a rule when do you generally prefer to start your first war of conquest?

    Varies wildly, for me. I've played peaceful culture games where I never conquered anyone. I've also played Scythia games where I declare war on the first person I meet within 10 turns of meeting them. The decision points for me are: 1) Do I plan on conquering, or is this going to be a...
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    Are you supposed to be able to win cultural victory before you meet everyone?

    Yep, I did that once! I was going for a cultural victory but there was one civ hidden in some damn corner of the map I never got to explore. So I won a cultural victory without ever meeting them.
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    Religious victory/military victory overlap?

    I guess for cultural victories, I've never really felt like I had to supplement them with military conquest. I get cultural victories by turtling and building lots of wonders, with military for defensive wars. So that feels pretty different to me. For military, I expand by conquering people...
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    Religious victory/military victory overlap?

    So I've tried for a religious victory a few times, never finished it, and it really seems to be a poor path. Basically, converting other civs pisses them off, and they declare war on me. Or maybe they declare war on me for other reasons. So I have to win the wars and clear a path for my...
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    Civilization 6 for Mac?? Release date?

    Hm. If the pattern holds, then we'll get civ 6 for Mac around Christmas time. I wonder whether we'll be able to grab it in some sale.
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    Archipelago and the 1 tile city

    The devs have already said that they changed the map scripts so archipelago maps work with the way cities work. You're not going to need to build cities on one tile islands.
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    Amenity Details

    King_Jason put forward a very good theory here: but we don't know for sure whether it is close to correct or not. A full thread of discussion at if you want to look for...
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    Multi-tile Natural Wonders

    Yeah, I was surprised about that. 12 seemed like a low number. NWs seem like the kind of thing it's easy to have a lot of, it's ok if they're a little unbalanced. But looking back at Civ 5 there weren't that many of them there either, according to the wiki there were only 7 on release and only...
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    Where are my :whipped: and draft civics?

    Civ 6 is not Civ 4. It has its own mechanics. I see no reason to expect that adding those in to civ 6 would make civ 6 a better game. In fact, given how food, housing, and amenities are balanced, I think adding in ways to trade food for other resources would mess up that balance and would result...
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    Screenshot analysis!

    You don't have to win some other way! You can CHOOSE to win a different way if for some reason you don't feel like winning by domination! Or you can win by domination if you want! (The example at hand was not wanting to win by domination because that involves backstabbing an ally.) The...
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    Civ 6 has camera rotation

    I don't take Civ that seriously, it's a game. I appreciate the random touches of flavor and aesthetics they put in to make it look cool. I don't know how much I'll use these features, but I'll probably try them out once or twice. Maybe after I finish conquering an empire I'll zoom around it.
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    Are you pre-ordering?

    Currently the only known benefit to pre-ordering is that you get to play Aztecs immediately instead of 90 days later. If you prefer to wait some time, then clearly there's no point in pre-ordering, pre-ordering only makes sense for the people who really care to play it on release day!
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    Are you pre-ordering?

    I'll probably pre-order if it's available on the mac and they post the required system specs so I can see it will run on my macbook. OTherwise I won't, because I won't be able to play it -_-
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    Combat Bonuses

    I think addition of complicated statuses is a thing for a different game. You can certainly have a balanced and fun strategy game with all sorts of various effects. You can also have one without them. The latter is the route civ has chosen for now. There's no reason that couldn't change in a...
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    64 Bit Engine

    64-bit engine and multithreading are tools for the devs. They certainly can be used to speed up performance, allow for more data, etc. They can also be used to save development time (if they rely on those things instead of optimizing.) They do not guarantee any particular features or qualities...
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