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Mar 3, 2021
Mar 5, 2007
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Mar 3, 2021
    1. kkmo
      I hope I didn't butcher your vision of Aggro the Loremaster in my latest story.
    2. kkmo
      Hi Fulton! Good to see you back. :)
    3. Immaculate
      reading your NES; congrats- you've created a really original product- very interesting.
    4. spryllino
      In your NES, am I right in thinking that you can only harvest stuff from a spot on the map if you actually have troops there, or can you harvest the place even when your troops have left, provided no-one else has come?

      e.g. if at the end of next turn I no longer have troops in Fungus Field 2 but no-one else has taken it over, can I still harvest the $5, 2F, 4Orks there or do I have to leave some troops there at the end of the turn?
    5. Yui108
      this doesn't seem to require a pm, but if it does just give me a heads-up. I'd like my faction name to be the 128th Cadian, led by General Abnett sent to pacify the Hive
    6. das
      Hello there Fulton. I was told to pressure you into making another Warhammer 40k NES. :p Some nice people are on the way to break your kneecaps as we speak; I'm not entirely sure how that is supposed to motivate you, come to think of it, but I'm sure we'll work something out. Nothing personal!
    7. Abaddon
    8. Vertinari118
      Ok I'll re-write them and get them to ASAP.
    9. Vertinari118
      Fulton, just to double-check before I re-write them, have you received any orders from me for this turn?
    10. alex994

      I'm really sorry, but I might end up sending in my orders late :(
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