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  • Ah, thanks. Turns out my English was the same, my math and reading went up, and my science and writing went down. I can't complain too much about the resulting score, but I do wish I'd improved some.
    It seems I do; thanks for telling me. I did better in English and reading but worse in math and science for a net improvement of 0. Still, a 31 is workable.
    The thing was I wanted my alliance to conquer the world, I put a lot of effort into bringing three tiny nations and making them one of the strongest alliances in the world!

    And after reading through some of the UNA group, strong enough to scare the entire UNA :lol:
    When were you looking for a third player? I'm trying to remember the timeline, but it was so long ago lol (also our wiki is hella incomplete).

    Anyways, probably not. I'm assuming by that point we in the ATK decided upon world domination and were planning our utmost to destroy you guys.

    I was reading through my secret groups plans for after the downfall war, which would have been interesting as hell (I was planning on absorbing all of the old world through puppet states and vassals, and then having a cold war with the UNA for global dominance) too if it hadn't been for your meddling spies! :p
    Heh, I just spent like 2 hours reading through various I&B 1 social groups.

    As you said back in July, I really do miss the first Iron and Blood, so much fun.
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