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  • Hmm. Well, it changes from time to time, depending on what I'm feeling like. Sometimes, I have periods where I'd pick a certain band as the best one, and then a week later I might feel like putting it as the 4th.

    But currently, the 5 bands that I listen to most often are:

    The Black Dahlia Murder
    Children of Bodom

    (not in any order)
    You did assume that I was a solid conservative, so yes, you are. :lol:

    Probably. I've moved further right and authoritarian lately. :undecide:
    And this is where that one quote from Team America - that would violate the forum rules if mentioned - comes in. ;)
    Well that's a good start... now if I only got more positive ratings. :( I linked to it here on CFC, and, in true CFC fashion, everyone was quick to jump on it and 1-star it and troll it beyond imagining.
    I granted your friend request Gamez. And it all began with that couple of posts on "My First Victory".
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