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  • Yeah, it does smack of special interest. Another thing that generally turns me off on statewide proposals!
    I suppose I should read up on those proposals! I haven’t really paid much attention to them yet. :blush:

    Doing a quick look at the proposal and reading the 100 word official blurb about it, I think I will be voting NO. It seems a little ridiculous that you and I should have a say about a bridge being built 300 miles away, and this type of proposal smacks of the kind that tries to limit options, which I generally don’t like. It would leave an important economic and even diplomatic decision up to the whims of the electorate – one that unfortunately is probably not well educated in the pros and cons of said decision and probably fairly susceptible to emotion and misinformation.
    Probably not actually. My mom is really strongly opposed to the idea of me going to a school that big.
    Funny thing is that my vote for Obama will probably mean less here than it would have in Virginia!
    I swear your comment about purgatory was a subtle jab at Iowa's awesomeness.

    Hence, I now understand Ohio's position a bit more :p
    President Ron Paul = President Andrew Johnson.

    Congress would finally start to work together and pass laws with supermajorities, and probably impeach him as soon as he tried to just not enforce the laws that he can't repeal.

    Do you realize how poorly this reflects on our system? The congress will stay partisan until someone actually starts talking about not expanding the government :crazyeye:
    I'm not in KhanNES, but it looked like an interesting social group. It contains information which might help me in my other roleplay games :)
    Yeah, I know. I'm kind of hoping somebody will step forward to take Britain. I guess I should, but I don't want to hamstring anyone.
    What, you didn't want to go all the way back to being Gamezrule44? :D

    Good to see the name I know back.
    Oh well dat sucks, but I think it doesn't matter unless you would host, and I have high speed internet. (100+ mbs)
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