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  • So Bethesda's saying it's gonna be at E3 in June, and there's now a gigantic Fallout 4 hype train, since most people are assuming there's gonna be a Fallout 4 announcement there. Just thought you'd like to know, if you haven't already.
    Dunno if you're still interested in joining a mafia game, but mine's in sign-ups right now.
    Apparently Agate's singer has been using the name 'Analgin (Аналгин)'. Interesting.

    Have you been instructing yourself in Spanish with that video I linked you to?
    Zaj… I mean, yes, by all means, my child! Since you are studying Españish, I should preach to you about heavy metal.
    I'd recommend asking questions in threads. EQ's usually more than happy to answer questions for prospective players!
    certain factions have some Ghouls (mine, for example, has some.)

    But, no there are no factions with ONLY ghouls.
    It's a turn-based strategy game. How can you not take your time with it? Have you found out how to undo and redo actions? You can also reload previous turns.
    I'm sorry, my child, that I have not answered you earlier, but I was cutting a path with my griffon-riders and horsemen across some battle between orcs and humans that was hindering my progress. It is good that you join our forces.
    Don't worry, the mods will get around to doing something about it eventually. Meanwhile, don't answer Domen back.

    And start playing Battle for Wesnoth at some point, it's really a good game.
    I'll post more schtuff in the Bulgars thread, but Bulgaria's population isn't small enough to support just the one metal band now, eh?

    For forum games, try this. You might like the format, a new one should launch in/before February.

    *extra: oh, I've just seen your post. I've already reported Domen, he's simply incorrigible.
    Your lack of posts in the Ask a Bulgarian thread are a symptom that, put together with your lack of forum games, and excessive school attendance point at your possibly being too normal.

    And you've accepted me as the Patriarch of the CFC Bulgars, Tolni Khan, so now I'll spiritualise you. More heavy metal needed.
    I will give you much-needed spiritual guidance, my child.

    1) find a game called Battle for Wesnoth, and play it. (srsly)

    2) you need music to listen to.

    3) eat more lukanka and blood sausage: being sausages, they're naturally rich in nutrients and good for people's health.
    I assume you mean a poster from North Africa/Eastern Europe. Not to worry, we'll eventually force a [BL] tag for Bulgarian-language threads in OT and I'll concentrate my pastoral duties upon it. I'll raise new posters to the status of true forum personalities.
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