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  • So Tolni you left you account open on your school computer, someone was posting as you. I've had to demod you temporarily just for safety's sake, you should probably change your Chatango password and next time tell me what the name of our game is so I know it is you.
    Mr. Tolni, I have a small question. Where does the accent go on the word ‘огъня’?
    So you want me to be Bulgarian or, at least, to suffer the Bulgarian experience. This is odd.
    Would you seriously claim that Bulgaria is so crappy that it deserves to have Takhisis be a Bulgarian?
    A mutually beneficial exchange. I have complied with your request. Please comply with mine and explain to this Tim gentleman about the Bulgaria situation I linked to last night.
    Tolnić! I need you to do something for me. Please explain to this fellow that I am not Bulgarian.
    FO2RP? Nope, I played the original Fallout 2 a couple years ago and then drifted into other waters.
    I loved our switcheroo. Actual non-Tolni Bulgarians have posted in Bulgarian at me.

    Also, yes, I'm going to try the Restoration project.
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