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Apr 14, 2021 at 8:03 PM
Oct 4, 2004
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Modder, from France

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Apr 14, 2021 at 8:03 PM
    1. V. Soma
      V. Soma
      Hello, can you give help on how to use your Autoplay mod with GS?
      Thanks in advance...
      1. Gedemon
        ATM all my modding time goes in updating YnAMP, I'll have a look later.
        Mar 2, 2019
    2. nigum
      hello Gedemon, sup dude?

      Dude, could you help me understading what I need to do to fix the "Culture Relations" bug on my civ5? I would like to use Revolutions and Cultural Diffusion, but always when I use it, that "Culture Relations" appear in my screen.

      Thank you.
      1. Gedemon
        Sorry, can't help with civ5 modding, I've stopped a few years ago.
        Mar 2, 2019
    3. PZL11
      Well, I have mention here Michael Wittmann. One of the reasons he was so effective in slow Tiger was that he had experience form assault guns, when he had to aim by maneuvering the unit. Jumping into Tiger he implemented this - gunner and driver were working together to have target locked onto sight. I know, it is too much:)
    4. PZL11
      The main thing for me is to have possibility of upgrading units with different models of weapons. Just two the most iconic examples here for better picture:
      - Otto Clarius - lost his teeth riding into Russia in Pz.Kpfw 38 (t) and end up as the one of the most famous Tiger commanders.
      - Adolf Galland - during Polish campaign was flying open cabin biplane and by the end of the war was sitting in jet fighter cockpit.
    5. PZL11
      Good Day
      I know you are very busy, but hope you'll find a moment to answer my question. I cannot stop playing your WWII mode in CIV V. Is there anything similar to this mod in CIV VI?
      I would stay in CIV V forever, but there are things which annoys me. As your involvement here is finish I hope there will be some room for improvement in your present/future projects.
      1. Gedemon
        Oct 26, 2018
    6. Alexx9591
      Hello! did you do modding civilization 5? Can I ask a question about modding? Sorry for my English. I translated in translator.
      1. Gedemon
        I've stopped modding for civ5 years ago, I can't help for that, and when I see a message in the help forum that I can answer, I try to do it, but I' don't do it in profile or PM, as an answer to a modding question may be useful to everyone.
        Oct 16, 2018
      2. Alexx9591
        thanks for the answer. I will ask a question on the forum, but before that they did not answer me in other forums
        Oct 17, 2018
    7. AugusTIN0007
      HI,and SORRY - but it seems that You are my last hope.
      Years ago I created for civ 5 a nice TSL scenario/map PERFECT WORLD ... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501756465
      NOW I would like to play this scenario in HOT SEAT.
      I tried hard
      1. GMR
      2 MPMPM -
      3 MP Mods Workaround
      4. MPPatch - etc
      and i could NOT find a way :(
      1. Gedemon
        I've stopped modding for civ5 years ago, I can't help for that, I just remember that hotseat should be possible but not MPMPM
        Sep 9, 2018
    8. Authopius
      Hello, Quick Question; Is WHoward's 2 Units Per Tile mod compatible with your R.E.D. Modpack?
      1. Gedemon
        R.E.D. Modpack should be compatible with almost anything, but I've stopped modding for civ5 long ago.
        Jul 15, 2018
    9. ResearchStudent
      Hi, I'm a student studying player experiences in games. Would it be acceptable for me to post a link to an online survey in the "Off-Topic" forum. I would be more than happy to open discussion about my research once the survey has been closed within the forum thread. I will also be offering a £20 amazon gift card draw as a reward for participation, would that be an issue? Thank you for your time, I appreciate it
    10. Speedbird 48
      Speedbird 48
      I am in no way surprised that you are French. THAT's why you made it so impossible to play as Nazi Germany in your mod! You didn't want to relive your countries humiliation, so you made France and Britain OP. Makes sense ;)
      1. Gedemon
        Most stupid comment I ever had for that mod.
        The difficulty level is adapted to the player to make it challenging.
        "fall of France" happens most of the time if both side are AI as the OOB has been edited in favor of Germany, and there is also an option to remove the Maginot line to help that.
        Mar 29, 2018
        Knasp, Authopius and RohirrimElf like this.
    11. lg100000
      Oh well that sucks. Thanks for the response!
    12. lg100000
      but I was wondering if you could give me any tips on where I could start looking to accomplish something similiar to the MAD mod. Thanks a lot!
      1. Gedemon
        I don't think it will be possible before the DLL source code is released for civ6.
        Mar 10, 2018
    13. lg100000
      Hi! I had some questions about the MAD mod you created awhile ago. Im trying to do pretty much the same thing for civ 6, just for my own use if anything. I hate how civs just wont respond to nukes. Anyway, I'm very familiar with pretty simple mods (the most complex mod ive made pretty much just tripled the size of the hydrogen bomb animation)
    14. Nahimi
      Sorry to bother you again. Your map mod does not appear even though I ticked it on the in-game mod manager. When I add the Production Queue mod, your mod suddenly appears and I can choose from the different Earths, but thrown back to the main menu. I did not manage to find any solutions elsewhere. :(
      1. Gedemon
    15. Nahimi
      Hi, when are you going to update your map mod for rise and fall? Because when I choose "Greatest Earth" map, the city states slider is messed up; going from 43, to 23 etc... no 0
      thank u
      1. Gedemon
        get the github or steam version, they are updated. I won't have time to update the CFC version until next WE I'm afraid.
        Feb 13, 2018
        Nahimi likes this.
    16. kine100
      Hello, I tried to download air force module for BTS, but no files are found. is there any way i can download it..?? Thanks~
      1. Gedemon
        Sorry I don't have any copy of my civ4 files
        Jan 23, 2018
        kine100 likes this.
      2. kine100
        okay~ have a nice day~ thx for the answer~
        Jan 23, 2018
    17. bbufa
      Hello, how did you reveal all map with hidden resource (civ6)? The "reveal all" command provided by dev doesn't show strategic resources until I research the techs.
      1. Gedemon
        The automation methods used by autoplay reveal all map and resources.
        Oct 20, 2017
    18. bacononaboat
      Hello. My team has narrowed down the carrier crash in RED WWII down to an error with planes somewhere in the DLL files. Do you have any pointers you can remember immediately related to this crash? Any advice for how to edit DLLs such as your favorite editor? Thanks
      1. Gedemon
        Oct 9, 2017
      2. Gedemon
        and I don't remember a crash related to the carrier, but OTOH I hadn't enabled them in my scenarios at the time...
        Oct 9, 2017
    19. coffee junkie
      coffee junkie
      Fellow frenchie! Send help ... PLIZEUH ;) Hope it's ok to bother you :)
      I'm working on a mod. But I can't add units for the life of me. I can't work on the ModBuddy et toussa 'cause I'm on Mac. I followed the steps on your tutorial. I'm trying to add a Longswordsman (with his files) from the Ethnic Diversity mod. No matter what I do, the unit won't come up (basic swordsman instead). Any leads ?
      1. Gedemon
        I'm sorry, but it's been years since I've modded on civ5, better ask on the tutorial thread directly or in civ5 creation & customization forum.
        Sep 5, 2017
    20. bacononaboat
      Hey just a quick question about RED WWII - how do I add a lua based promotion? I believe I have the script worked out, but I need to know what files the promotion has to be part of for the mod to not have major errors. Where in the XML, lua, and SQL?
      1. Gedemon
        Sorry, I've stopped development on that mod
        Aug 7, 2017
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