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May 6, 2021 at 7:31 AM
Oct 4, 2004
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Modder, from France

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May 6, 2021 at 7:31 AM
    1. Robert V.
      Robert V.
      Gedemon, can you please post the Civilization VI mod: R.E.D. for Australia DLC, please. It seems it only is available on the Steam workshop.
      1. Gedemon
      2. Robert V.
        Robert V.
        Thank you!
        Jul 11, 2017
    2. hommar
      Hi, i'm a bit lost. Do You maybe know someone i could contact for CIV4 modding help? It's abaut RIFE, and i lack the know-how to make a script or two work, despite they look right to me... I'll be grateful for any and all aid.
    3. bacononaboat
      Hey Gedemon
      I have RED WWII question; I understand if you don't want to help since the mod is old.
      I've been adding operations, but for whatever reason the condition function won't work. The lua doesn't seem to recognize it. Does it have to be listed elsewhere?
      1. Gedemon
        the function need to be defined before the g_Military_Project table in the file
        Jun 28, 2017
      2. bacononaboat
        Ok I moved the condition function, still no effect..Hmm. This is part of a brand new scenario I built - the scenario works fine except for when I introduce a condition or function into the Script page that isn't common to other scenarios .
        Jun 28, 2017
      3. bacononaboat
        Oh I got the condition to work - found a small error. Thanks for the help Gedemon :) Have a good one.
        Jun 28, 2017
        Gedemon likes this.
    4. Fearthepenguinz
      Hi Gedemon,
      First of all, thank you for the huge earth maps to Civ 5 and the option to play Hot-seat on mods.

      I was wondering if there are a mod or option so the cities are where they are in the real world for your earth maps on Civ 5?

      Thanks in advance!
      1. Gedemon
        No sorry, no such option on for my maps on civ5.
        Jun 15, 2017
    5. Nugcrusher
      I am having trouble building a unit mod that gains a percentage boost to attack based on faith per turn. Any way you could lend an assist?
    6. Ferocitus
      I hope you don't mind me giving advice to those having trouble with
      getting Ynaemp to work. I can, and will only, offer help with the most
      rudimentary problems, e.g. clearing cache, deleting some old
      files and saves etc. Anything else is well outside of my "expertise".

      All the best for your rest and recreation!
      1. Gedemon
        thanks, it does help.
        Jan 25, 2017
    7. philhellenismos
      It is about the CPP AI City-State thing, specifically what happens when the player chooses "Sorry for the trouble option" when the AI fusses about the player's friendship with a city-state.
      1. Gedemon
        No idea then, I'm not part of cpp team, better ask in the mod's forum.
        Jan 9, 2017
    8. philhellenismos
      May I ask a quick question about CPP?
      1. Gedemon
        I don't know a lot about CPP, and I don't mod civ5 anymore, but you may ask...
        Jan 8, 2017
    9. Hajee
    10. lassesp2142
      Hello! I would like to ask your permission to use your code in the YnAMP mod, to import other custom maps from Civ 5
    11. onlysky1
      Hello Gedemon!, I like your YnAMP - Yet not Another Map Pack, but I have a few thoughts on this mod. Could you add a smaller world map for users like me who do not have expensive computers? also, I beg you to as the TSL position as soon as possible. Thanks....
    12. tonyt25
      Thanks. I appreciate the response. Will do
    13. Gedemon
      I'd suggest creating a topic in the Civ5 - Creation & Customization forum describing what the civ4 mod does and asking if it would be difficult to convert it to convert it to civ5.

      I'm sorry I can't help more directly on that, as I don't even have enough time to update some of my most important mods.
    14. tonyt25
      Hi Gedemon,
      Sorry to reach out directly, but was very keen to see if you could help with a Civ 5 Mod. I have noticed your very active across Civ Fanatics, Steam and other Forums so had hoped you would be a good person to speak too.

      I am essentially wanting to build a MOD combining the Terrorist & Spy mod from Civ 4 as a unit in Civ 5. I have some great idea's for the mod, but even replicating the basics of the Civ 4 mods would be amazing.

      Think the game needs it for realism on modern day maps, as war is often fought in "the grey" as they say.

      Any help in this would be appreciated, and of course if anything exists please let me know

    15. Subotai777
      Do you know what file to change to have cultural renaissance from ALL Hidden Antiquities Sites ???
    16. Glorthoron
      hey Gede, is R.E.D. World War II Edition for civ5 dead?
    17. Prachir
      Hey man thank for your mod man its damn awesome!!!!
      Recently I have been facing a error "ERROR: Custom DLL not found !"
      Can you help me out
    18. Morbius221

      Been a long time follower of your mods. You helped add 500+ hours to my steam civ 5 games.
      im at 1300 hours thanks to you.

      I saw R.E.D. Xtended mod. looks really nice. But it seams that you knocked off some technology when you added your custom once. Example there is no temples to build now plus many others. was that your intention? Is this mod intended to start out in later time lines vs ancient?

      never mind im blind.
    19. Subotai777
      How to add 43 Civs in SDK World Builder???I load your 43 Civs DLL mod but I cant add more than 22 Civs in World Builder ???
    20. gideon07

      Is there any way to get a message to or from Marcus Beutel? I'm aware I'm being a pest, but it'd be nice to know if the Brave New World 'Nights' mod has been abandoned entirely as a project... the waiting is killing me!

      Thanks for all your hard work keeping a fantastic forum going.

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