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Apr 14, 2021 at 8:03 PM
Oct 4, 2004
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Modder, from France

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Apr 14, 2021 at 8:03 PM
    1. ExpiredReign
      I have an enquiry about the necessities of changing a sub-forum's name to reflect the change in direstion it now is going.

      The Communitas Expansion Project was started by Thalassicus and I am assuming he probably has a measure of control over the naming of it. Is this a fair assumption?
      However as it appears he is now AWOL, at least for the foreseeable future, the rest of the Communitas team would like to know if we can rename it to "Communitas Redux" to reflect the new focus it has without his input.

      Any direction you can provide in this matter would be appreciated.
    2. Skaz881
      Hi, I wanted to change the title of my thread from Myrrh Resource Art to Resource Reskins, and I was told to go to a moderator for help. Can you help me?
    3. Murphy613
      Your new R.E.D Xtended mod looks great, but the mod page doesn't show the tech tree.
    4. Sampson
      What did you think of my comments on your RED WWII scenario? Your euro map was good and stable but I wish there was a playable whole Earth map so that America and Japan are also playable.
    5. Gedemon
      the "Army buildings Yeah or Neah" thread ?
      moved :)
    6. Alexey86
      You there? Please move my thread from modding forum to Civ ideas. I made it there by mistake
    7. hugojackson18
      I've just posted a WIP of where I'm at tonight. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow night!
    8. Gedemon
      *civilian skins
    9. Gedemon
      thanks :D

      edit: ethnic are a bonus, I can use multiple skin, yes.
    10. hugojackson18
      Do you want some ethnic skins as well or just a plain civilian one?
    11. hugojackson18
      That's what I planned to do. Initially, my Run animation was starting was a take off and it was suppose to blend into the StopRun animation, that would be the landing. But to be perfect, I would have to have an anim before the Run, like StartRun, to keep the Run anim as a loop. Because for now, when it's in the air, you can see the "take off" repeating. Do you think if there is such thing as a sort of StartRun animation? I'm thinking the Combat Ready would be an option, but I think I would have to make my own AnimState file, and I don't want to start messing with this right now as it's gonna take me forever to actually understand what it's doing enough to create my own.

      I think I will do 2 versions, one simple one like the Bomber, and a second one like the Helicopter, and you'll be able to choose what is the more suitable for you
    12. Gedemon
      well, if you can do take off at point A and landing at point B on a move, it would be fantastic, but simple animation is good already for my purpose :)
    13. hugojackson18
      Ok so simple animations then. I was taking the Bomber as reference at first, but the animations are really basic and don't really allow me to do a proper take off and landing, like I was going to initially. I thought it might be interesting but if you are using it as rebasing, i'll do the anim like usual aircrafts.

      It's nearly done, I just need to finish the texture and I'm testing a few things with the fx for now
    14. Gedemon
      I was thinking of rebasing, so any aircraft would do, but helicopter may allow a slower animation. the unit would not be directly controlled, but would move from a city to another each turn.
    15. hugojackson18
      Hey Gedemon. I'm working on the Boeing unit as we speak, and I was wondering how you wanted to use it. Do you want to use it Bomber style or Helicopter Gunship style? It's for me to know how I should animate it. Thanks!
    16. Bergerperson
      Gedemon, I managed to get the FA-18 graphic working (I put the CF-18 Design as the ethnic unit for the Iroquois) as the default jet fight unit, check the latest post of mine on the R.E.D. thread.
    17. Gedemon
      I can't switch my current development branch just like that, but I do plan to update R.E.D with the units that were added since October. I can't give an ETA.
    18. Bergerperson
      Can I make a really quick request. Wolfdog has just released the F/A 18 Hornet unit and I would really like it if this because the default non-ethnic/unique unit for all civilizations in R.E.D. replacing the F-16 unit that is currently in place.
    19. Gedemon
    20. sonihi
      Well are you still working on version 39?
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