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Apr 16, 2021 at 3:39 AM
Oct 4, 2004
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Modder, from France

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Apr 16, 2021 at 3:39 AM
    1. Gedemon
      I'll need help on that one, I'll post in the subforum about that. And sadly real MP is not possible *soon* for it.
    2. sonihi
      What about red WW2?
    3. Gedemon
      Yep, but I first need to find the best way to convert my mods to MP as it will define how I'll work on them.
    4. wolverine2112
      Nice to see you back love your mods. Any plan on up dating mods like Combat and Stacking overhaul....love that one.
    5. Gedemon
      Restarting what I was working on: Mods in MP.
    6. sonihi
      BTW what are you working on currently?
    7. Gedemon
      I was working on integrating my mods in MP before my break, but there are a lot's of things to test like updating the DB values for MP (the formatting is not the same in mods and in the base game), what happens when modifiying gameplay element with Lua in MP (like creating an unit), etc, etc...

      I've already seen that thread and I hope that Jaii der Herr will found a way to integrate such mods using his app, but that won't be an easy task.

      But just as a side note, I've made Cultural Diffusion loading in a MP test game back in October (launched with only one human player) with minimal change to the core files (two: a civ5pkg and the ingame.lua file), problem is that you can't install the mod like other, an installer or a manual installation in the game assets folder is required.
    8. Adenru
    9. sonihi
      Okay thanks. Hope you keep making great mods
    10. Gedemon
      not dead, I've just taken totally unplanned vacation because of various factors, I should be back in business in a few days.
    11. sonihi
      Are you dead?
    12. Bulldog Bats
      Bulldog Bats
      I wasn't sure where to post this, so I pick a moderator, and hit your name first. Any chance there could be a forum slot for G&K? I'm not sure what percent still play this version, but most of the posts out there are for BNW. It would be nice to be able to have a spot to find info for just us.

    13. vusalgustav
      Dear Gedemon, your mods are just amazing. Just R.E.D dll mod for some reason corrupts espionage, now allowing to choose/move spies.nwhat can be done about it?
    14. wolfman972
      just wondering if you plan to fix ur broken mods due to the last patch?
    15. Ekmek
    16. Nuclear Empire
      Nuclear Empire
    17. Gedemon
      @Nuclear Empire: I don't understand your question, the mod is available for download.
    18. Nuclear Empire
      Nuclear Empire
      Gedemon can you help me I making a 2000 BC scenario but i like your red modpack so can you give me a modded versian of that mod please? my email is guilherme77088@gmail.com thanks!
    19. trystero49
      Gedemon, do you think it would be possible to add a small blurb regarding basic modding troubleshooting (i.e., set LoggingEnabled = 1 in config.ini, check database.log file in Game Folder) to Kael's main post in the Civ V guide to modding? I've noticed a lot people asking questions in the forums that can easily be solved with the database.log. I think it would help a lot.
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    Want to play a different Civilization game ?
    Interested by Revolutions, Supply Lines, Front Lines, Resources stockpile and much more ?
    Actually looking for a new modding platform for my most ambitious project so far.
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