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Gem Hound
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Apr 27, 2020
Aug 24, 2011
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Dec 17, 1993 (Age: 27)
In the dark

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Gem Hound

Deity, 27, from In the dark

Gem Hound was last seen:
Apr 27, 2020
    1. Terrance888
    2. Terrance888
      Sure, prepare for an astounding lack of detail.
    3. Daftpanzer
      I still have to read up TerraNES updates, but any quick info you could give me would be much appreciated, cheers :) I understand there is a Druidic religion in play?
    4. TerrisH
      Friendly reminder that orders for KNES are due today.
    5. Terrance888
      I mean the Daughters of the Trinity, you already have a UU. The same way that Tycho's Iron Lances didn't show up in the stats because he kept his normal UU.
    6. Terrance888
      Which is why you have to let it stew in the pot until by hook or by crook, they will aquire their own funding, their own lands, their own establishment and their independence form your government. THEN they will be an organization; but until then, they are fluff, deadly, and useful fluff, but fluff nonetheless.
    7. Terrance888
      I shall say this one last time.

      Exactly. ;) You got the point.
    8. Terrance888
      Exactly, but they won't have a reason to reach out until you start building special pimp out barracks for your slaves while they get forts they build themselves. Cue outreach programs, cue organzation

      See how the Iron Lances formed. This organization is cool, but might serve better as a UU, cuz remember, an Organization will have its own goals, and it might even do certain things to achieve it.
    9. Terrance888
      No you don't. You don't know where money you spend on units goes to. Maybe they establish their convents on their own? IDK. Eventually they will start swindling money on a international scale. AKA an Organization.
    10. Terrance888
      Your loss. :p Until you get it done, you can't be sure when it will become an international organization with its own motives.
    11. Terrance888
      I like your ideas, but be warned, this will take some time to develop international span, and would probably come after your second special project.
    12. Terrance888
      Bleh! This blood tastes like crap!

      Yeah, not even I am that blood thirsty!

      ^That is how^
    13. Terrance888
      You don't have to do it literal! Look at what Iggy did, just a nice, quick, interesting idea. I just suggested Gaelic/Celtic because I seen you do those kinds of nations often and well.

      Easy example: Gaelic taste with some wacky religion. Or Magyars with Gaelic relgion. Start wiht a basis and tweak until you like.
    14. Terrance888
    15. Terrance888
      It's OK. You are great with Celtic/Gaelic culture.

      So take what you know, add some interesting spice (want to shift from Druidism to Ancestorworship, then add some ritual sacrafice?) and there you go! a basic culture.

      I went overboard on mine because it is complex and unique-difficult to describe.
    16. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      delete this!
    17. Terrance888
      Think of all those who didn't make it.

      Now, you have to basically retrain your entire Unsullied force two to three times an update... get my drift?
    18. TerrisH
      last call for orders in KNES is today.
    19. Lord of Elves
      Lord of Elves
      Is VMing me about an NES rivalry cute or annoying? I can't decide.
    20. TerrisH
      any Idea when you will get your orders in for KNES? would like them by today. otherwise you will likely be NPCed for this turn.
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    Dec 17, 1993 (Age: 27)
    In the dark
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    The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in A Tale of Common Things
    Lesa in End of Empires
    Fascist Austria in The Bonaparte Legacy
    The Kingdom of Brittany in Capto Iugulum
    A player of NESCraft