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Jul 11, 2018
Sep 21, 2011
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Whale Tail Island

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Grand Moff, from Whale Tail Island

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Jul 11, 2018
    1. schlaufuchs
    2. Dachs
      Hey, it's one of the perks of the job.
    3. Gucumatz
      By the way - I love the name!
    4. Formaldehyde
      Heh. Thanks. It is quite intentional, of course. :p
    5. Antilogic
      I'm going county-by-county breaking up some populous states, and Jesus tapdancing Christ Texas has a lot of them. It's pretty annoying. I wish there was some national spreadsheet that had all the counties listed by state, with demographic information, and then I could just cut and paste to make new states.
    6. GhostWriter16
      political compass.com

      Its actually the crappiest political test I've ever seen but its the one everyone uses.
    7. GhostWriter16
      The evidence shows that it failed as the Taliban is still an active, powerful force. We should never have been involved in policing their affairs.

      I would have personally ordered an assassination of Bin Laden and let that be the end of it.

      Afghanistan wasn't nearly as stupid as Iraq, however.
    8. GhostWriter16
      That's a fair criticism but I think Romney is going to be horrible. Not that Obama hasn't been.

      Voting for either is a bad idea.

      We have been screwing over Afghanistan, so why do it AGAIN? That said, Iraq was even worse, and ANYONE would have done Afghanistan. Even Ron Paul voted yes initially although I think he later regretted it.
    9. GhostWriter16
      I've always preferred the states over the Federal Government, for any of their flaws I haven't seen any states pass anything so blatantly unconstitutional as the NDAA... pretty much ever...

      I think the ninth amendment matters too, however, and that in some cases it can trump the tenth. But not always.

      Obama and Romney have a deeply similar foreign policy. I actually don't consider either Bush war to be right, or Libya. And don't get me started on Turkey and Syria (We should NOT get involved.)
      The best thing about Obama is that he can only serve one more term. If Romney wins, its very unlikely we get anyone decent to face him in 2012.

      I want Rand Paul 2016...
    10. GhostWriter16
      I'm a libertarrian leaning, young Independent. I would support Romney if his foreign policy was different and he wasn't pro-Patriot Act and NDAA.

      If I could vote it would be for Johnson, but if I really had to choose between the two it would be Obama purely on foreign policy. I don't like Obama on domestic policy, but foreign policy and civil liberties are my biggest concerns right now and Romney is the one more likely to start a war, doubly so if he has control of congress, which Obama will absolutely not have.
    11. GhostWriter16
      Just wondering, who are you voting for?
    12. Dachs
      At least it wasn't a shutout.
    13. Dachs
      OT is full of traitor sperglords. It's ridiculous.
    14. Dachs
      We're not sure.

      My position is that it doesn't really matter until he posts something substantive anyway.
    15. Cutlass
      No problem. Not everyone replies to everything at all, much less right away.
    16. Quackers
      ahh i saw all your wall conversations.
      how much does dachs read btw?
    17. Quackers
      So are you like Dach's BFF?
    18. Dachs
      I don't think anything is in the bag. Too paranoid.
    19. Dachs

      And the Lithuanians actually have a very good team that's medalled at several Olympics.

      CP3's ball handling should've been better, and the reliance on Kobe and Melo for scoring kinda sucks. They need to have LeBron run more freaking plays. You'd think the reigning regular season MVP and Finals MVP would do more than be a fill-in-the-blanks guy for Coach K.
    20. Dachs
      Uh, not right now, but I can be in the future.
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    Cry - God for Harry! England and Saint George! - Henry V, iii, 1

    History (Classical, Medieval, Confederate, late 19th-early 20th c., whatever strikes my fancy), College football (SEC, Georgia Bulldogs, Mississippi State Bulldogs), Atlanta Braves


    What is Best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.