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  • send me your orders for SKNES when you finish them. Coordination purposes.
    I'd be fine putting you at like, the edge of Oil City, where companies would still set up shop. Is that ok with you? :)
    You're supposed to be going through RNG for fights, but the RPs great, so I'm not going to bother now. Just for future knowledge.
    Due to the prevalence of RP today, RP and characters for Core are due by 6:00 PM/1800 GMT Sunday (tomorrow), with an update to follow.
    any Idea when you will get your orders in for KNES? would like them by today. otherwise you will likely be NPCed for this turn.
    I am just here to inform you that, if you do not start becoming more active in the Imperial Cabinet and also do not start expressing your ideas on how the Fleet should be run, and also do not mention your strategy for this year to our Reagent, you are in serious danger of becoming replaced before the year is up.
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