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Jun 29, 2021
Dec 24, 2003
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Mar 10, 1986 (Age: 35)
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EU- Czechia, City of Hundred Spires

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The ignored thread killer, 35, from EU- Czechia, City of Hundred Spires

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Jun 29, 2021
    1. Dean_the_Young
      Oh, you can do that to your utmost. I just won't compete. :p

      Don't think being too drunk will be a problem, (un?)fortunately.
    2. Dean_the_Young
      Third of three. Larger houses, but I was always closer to the traffic than my sisters. Not going to get into any one-upmanship of childhood misery, cause I'd lose. ;)

      Merry Christmas, Gladi, btw.
    3. Dean_the_Young
      Well, I never had a problem with it growing up, but one thing was that the computer/video games was always in highly-trafficked areas, so everyone always walked behind me. And, of course, whenever a parent called for someone to do a chore, I was the one who got it, because I was closest while my sisters hid in their room.

      Got to the point where I had to train out of a reflex of jumping up to take care of a chore when my parents walked in.
    4. Dean_the_Young
      I pretty much monopolized the computer at my home once my parent's got their own work-computers, but it was always in a very open place that anyone could walk behind. Since I got my own computer, I'm very paranoid about anyone using it for the smallest things, and I always sit where I can get the most privacy.

      Consoles are fun, but then that's what I grew up with. Ah, the N64...
    5. Dean_the_Young
      I have a laptop, and that's about it: never was one to push it at it's limits, especially since Civ did almost all my PC gaming needs. Otherwise, I'd play stuff on PS2 and Nintendo.

      Didn't get into PC gaming at all, really, until college, with the Computer Gamer's Club at Auburn. (Real Heroes Respawn!) Ever since then, I haven't been able to look at a FPS the same way, and I've been opening up to more PC games...

      ...but I've also known I would quite likely enjoy such games too much, and see my grades drop as a result. And for Army ROTC purposes, I need as high a GPA as possible by the end of this year, and I need to be as up to speed on Army matters as well.
    6. Dean_the_Young

      I have no idea what NWN stands for. :p

      I've generally stuck to more 'linear' RPGs (JRPGS, I suppose) like Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire, and once in college I knew I couldn't risk much more... immersion.
    7. Dean_the_Young
      Well, I wouldn't know: MMO's would crush my grades in twelve hours flat, and I never had a machine that could hope to handle Mass Effect. Dragon Age is a first chance into the American RPG genre of video games, actually.
    8. Dean_the_Young
      It's getting a might annoying that I can't minimize DA:O without it freezing and needing to be restarted.

      Is there a quick save feature?
    9. Dean_the_Young
      Ooh, treacherous. Just shows how little I know about you.

      Afraid I don't play regular civ at all, anymore: Fall From Heaven is about it. Plus, I just got Dragon Age, Origins, so I'm not going to have as much time anymore for civ.
    10. Dean_the_Young
      Finished my exams two weeks ago. :p

      Ooh, scary thought. You intimidate me as a player, Gladi.
    11. Dean_the_Young
      Well, I have yet to meet any.

      So how are you doing, Gladi? Didn't realize any other AH.comers (except one newbie) were over here. Didn't know you played Civ.
    12. Dean_the_Young
      Do you know any other other Dean the Young's?

      And I wouldn't call it fame, per say.
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    Mar 10, 1986 (Age: 35)
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    EU- Czechia, City of Hundred Spires
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    I know my posts are confused but they simply reflect state of my mind :crazyeye: .
    For The Last Conformist;) : May all your days be bright (in a soul and mind) :D!
    Senatus Populusque Europaeus