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  • Im interested in modmod for unit supply for the recent beta version please.
    Hi Sgt will message you when it is ready which should be today.
    I am as well. Could I get link for it? Thanks
    sorry evilnose only have an old version. if i update will let u know.
    Great! can you do it for the upcoming version thou, since it's going to be released soon
    I posted it for latest version of VP on "Warring is often boring and awfully tiresome" EGA. Will release as a mod if it is popular.
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    Well, I finally finished my last game and I was ready to test your mod but I found out that 4-16 ver isn't available anymore to download, do you have that version by any chance? so I can download it?
    Hehe, well, it's been a while since October! Not wanting to put any more stress on you, but any way I could get a fixed source code for RevDCM? Referring to the problems I described before at the bottom of this page. The K-mod and everything sounded incredible, but if Evolution isn't happening, just a usable source code for RevDCM would be great :)
    Hey glider! Been having an odd problem with the city screen when I compile your RevDCM source code, downloaded from this thread. I've described the problem more fully later in the thread, at the bottom of this page. Just trying any solutions right now; do you happen to have any more recent source code for the RevDCM dll than the one included in the download?

    My error occurs only when I compile your source code and use the resulting dll; when I use the dll included in your download, no error. So I'm wondering if there's some subtle difference between the source code included in the download, and the source code used for the included dll?

    Thanks in advance, rly hope to get past this.
    Thank you for replying. I am not good at this modding, still trying to figure out how to start. Loved revolution DCM. I do not know where to put your better marathon mod folder. Also I think you missed my point, AI's take other AI capitals very easy on normal speed, that is why I think palace buff needed.
    I read your post regarding marathon play for BNW. I like your ideas, I have been playing on marathon with normal speed build times for all units except settlers and have some input if you do not mind.
    Regarding point 6, sounds good, except will not help against other AI. I have noticed capitals being lost much easier at normal speed production, and am thinking either walls should be buffed or palaces should be enhanced offensively and defensively.
    Point 9, all military units should be at standard production speed, settlers, workers, and especially religious kept at marathon. Otherwise all religions founded by 1000 bc. And quick build trade caravans makes money ridiculously easy to make.
    Regarding peace negotiations before writing, I was wondering if a differnt agreement can be modded, something like civs agree not to invade each other, but units caught outside borders are fair game. And can the damn AI civs be a little more belligerent.
    And not sure where to put beta folder.
    Eh Mike
    Post on the forum so that others can help you. I am clueless about scenarios except that I hear that battle effects should be turned off.
    hi glider big fan of the revdcm mod but i have question/problem i have made several scenarios since bts has been released and was wondering if theres a way to make them playable in your mod, i really dont feel like remaking them completely, thanks
    Hi glider1 !
    I'm a french civ player who thanks you for the wonderful RevDCM mod !
    While playing it since two days (v2.61), i've noticed some ugly french translations and i would like to enhance it. Althought i have not as much time as i want to do it, i would like to know if you would integrate the new translations in the next version ?
    Also, the changelog show that multiplayer is broken. Do you plan to make it multiplayer compatible again in the future ?

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