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  • Thou must returne - Yonder chat of fiftie stil belabours and hosts ye good people of CFC, even when ye olde servere of CFC be downe.
    Begone tormented memory! I musn't see thee again!
    Nay, I cannot. In the chat of fiftie, postes are still made and yet to be abandoned.

    Otherwise, what's up?
    What is this ghost of civfanatics past


    strike that, you must be a wizard because I can't all caps it

    I just wanted to say, you get total bro points for using the proper lyrics, rather then that watered down "live to make men free" nonsense.
    Wonderful profile picture! Can you tell me where you got it from? Or could you send it to me?

    btw, what do you think of this?
    March to the sea! Or at least, leave your cave! :p

    I hope you're doing fine, Godwynn!
    Ah, I'll see what I can do about the restrictions. Next election is due in 2.5 years. ;)

    On the travel: Berlin is a must see city. Way too crowded and noisy for me. But it is a must see! The Schwarzwald on the other hand is very quiet but beautiful. And it has the big benefit of being way closer to my space, so that we could actually meet up again. Drop me a line if and when those plans are on the verge of execution. :hide:

    :p ;) All the best, Wynnie!
    So, since getting a job in the US is such a pain in the butt, when will you come to live with us Euro-Commies, huh? :)
    The french langauge is ******ed and gay tbh. ENGLISH FTW German is good too, i used to learn it. (My mother is German).

    I agree! If only the Kaiser wasn't so big mouthed when he visited England in 1910!
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