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  • Just wanted to let people visiting Gorjira's profile wondering about where he's gone know that it appears he sadly passed away in 2021. :( More details here:
    That's a bummer. :(

    I cannot afford to send you a replacement cybernetic arm, but I can send you my condolences. :wavey:
    I'll use this one for now. Okinawa goes in, I'm thinking of allowing them and the Ainu a special 'culture' victory path like Plotinus did in The Rood and the Dragon. The other ways (for the Japanese, i.e. playable factions) are to either achieve the Shogunate or conquer Japan, (with the two separate Zen Buddhist/Shinto or Christian with Portuguese paths respectively), but that would force the ideal of the pen and sword in accord.

    With maps I tend to think bigger is better but this map will prove to be a good starting point. What I could do is use the minimap, expand it, and try it into that image converter. Might be a good suggestion for Quintillus in fact.
    Oh that's a nice map, but it might be a bit small, and I'd rather not have the Asian mainland there.

    It's for the Sengoku revamp scenario that iw ant a map, this one might actually work on closer inspection.

    I've been trying the method I'vealways used: superimpose a grid onto a bitmapised map file, and work it from there, tile by tile. I'll try Quintillus' new picture to map function, it might yield better results.
    I loved that map! I'm needing a map of Japan that I'm never getting done. Do you have any tips beyond 'patience'?
    So as you hinted at, I've decided to start a Lost mod. What finally made me decide was seeing your enormous resource collection. Polar bears, shipwrecks, dynamite, pineapples...You probably have 90% of the resources I'll need compiled already! Thanks!
    Hmm, I think that somewhere in my collection of board games I have a copy of the SPI game, The Creature that Ate Sheboygan. Have to see if I can find that. You might find it interesting.
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