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  • I just saw your avatar in full resolution and saw they held violins and not guns as I was thinking
    Well thank you
    Personally I don't find myself that cool, but don't let that colour your impression
    "Laid it on pretty thick, my apologies, heh."

    Haha, no problem, that's why I asked you. :)
    Lay it on me, broham. What do you make of this chitter-chatter in the Detroit thread?
    I've often entertained the notion that gender survives more as a sociological construct than a biological one. It's certainly interesting to think about.
    Oh, excellent. That clears it up quite a bit. Thank you. :D

    I think I've been an unaware third-wave feminist for quite some time, as a matter of fact, at least in the sense that I oppose the social, cultural, and philosophical paradigms of gender inequality as subtle elements contributing to the whole, rather than focusing on more overt expressions and indicators that Something Isn't Right (that isn't to say that I don't oppose those prevailing attitudes of gender inequality, but that I think they are a symptom rather than the disease itself). Suffice it to say, I look forward to a world wherein equality isn't simply a concept, but something as integral to our society as the fact that it contains humans. Buuut I do go on.

    I also think the censor might have sniped you there in your second paragraph. Again, though, thanks for the primer.
    Well, thank you! I'm glad to hear my posts go somewhat appreciated, even if I think they're rather meh. I try not to pretend I know too much, because I really don't. ^^;

    I notice that you self-describe as a third-wave feminist. Would you mind maybe describing what that's all about to me? I'm rather quite curious and the Wikipedia article seems a bit, um, indecisive.
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