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Jun 16, 2014
Dec 17, 2004
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Red, White, & Blue, baby!

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Jun 16, 2014
    1. hobbsyoyo
      You are one of the few quality posters around here!
    2. Mise
      Who wouldn't want to look like me!
    3. LucyDuke
      I am female! I dunno how to do a gradual avatar change!
    4. Maniacal
    5. Miles Teg
      Miles Teg
      Can't say as I do. I'd love to see the screenshot though.
    6. Miles Teg
      Miles Teg
      Hey, I didn't make the point that most people not being accustomed to non-Western culture. It's a good point though, so I wish I had. You should probably credit whoever had the idea.
    7. Birdjaguar
      It doesn't mean anything in particular. It is a photo of a Hindu sadguru using an alphabet board to communicate from closed meditation cell without speaking. IIRC it dates from India in the 1930s. If one believed in such things as qutubs and sadgurus one could imagine it as an early form of wireless communication between him and humanity. On a more practical level it was most likely used to say things like "When's lunch?" or "Tell Adi to walk the dog." ;)
    8. B-29 Bomber
      B-29 Bomber
      Yeah but it gets the point across.
    9. emzie
      Yer in a biology-related field, no?
    10. Bobbtjoe
      Abuse reported
    11. red_elk
      Doesn't she look funny? :D
    12. GenMarshall
      I googled "Zero Suit Samus" and found a pic of her in SSBB.
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