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  • What is your flag anyway? It's green so is it about that guy who lost the election in Iran?
    I think as long as Iran's government changes (I know from some friends in Iran that there are many highly educated people who have second thoughts about the current regime, not the fundamentalist nutjob that internation media likes to portray Iran as), and Iran backs out of the Middle East & get along with Israel (highly theoretical, but if Iran wants to balance out the Saudis, it would be possible), I think there would be great chances for Iran to grow as a nation.
    Oh, if Iran ever wants to get friendly with Western Nations, go to Britian, not the US. They already destroyed your country once by destroying the parliamentary system of Iran back in the 50s.
    Yes ;) Very surprised that you know Jumong; I liked the show, except for some of its repeating storyline.
    Yes, I have read about the Zoroaster religion (not much though;) and I think there are also many Nestorian Christians in Iran, am I right?
    My teacher's name was Saeed Shariff Askari. He served at a AA unit in Tehran's airport back in the Iran-Iraq War.
    I'm South Korean, but due to my Protestant Christian background, I'm a Zionist, hence the user name. Doesnt mean I dont like Muslims though. Studied some about the religion too.
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