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  • Your Great Abyss race is oddly similar to what I had in mind, ya thief!

    Seriously though, just wanted to let you know about the similarities and whatnot. :p
    I dunno about making an alliance. Our nations have very little in common. Maybe a trade cooperation (sell you some food for that sweeeet oil perhaps)?
    If your poor, unfortunate eyes hit my profile, you will forever look at me weirdly and dodge me as fast as you can and you will start quitting every IOT I join. Are you really sure?
    Ah. Seems like I'm getting struck by the Minecraft Forums Syndrome (when I barely pay attention to minor details). I'll look into the IOT later, but now I have to go to sleep. Been a busy day.
    How come you're in IOT but not NES? I used to go to both but I started to get more busy and I prefer stat-light, story focused games.
    There are 2 mistakes on the pics you posted of the Coalition of Progress's first term, the first pic posted misses a '[' before the 'IMG]' and the last one is the same as the one before it. Maybe i'll get into this realpolitik indeed, I thought the Venetian one would be more then I could handle, but mrrandomplayer is too busy to keep going, and you got my attention with this type of game realpolitik. I had never played before and it seems a lot interesting. Godd luck with this game!
    Didn't want to take up space in thread to say my username is spelled "Sonereal", not "Sonoreal". :p
    Sorry for not replying sooner. I've been gone for most of this year. You don't need to be invited to join. Regardless, invite sent. :)
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