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Aug 3, 2021 at 10:05 PM
Apr 30, 2012
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May 22
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Trancerelic, Male, from Finland

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Aug 3, 2021 at 10:05 PM
    1. Takhisis
      Eurooppalaiset ja USA:laiset eivät koskaan tiedä/muista tarpeeksi Etelä Amerikasta. Heistä se on laaman maa. Tai viidakon maa. Tiedättekö te (suomalaiset) mitä laamat ovat? Me sanomme 'llama' espanjaksi ja Quechuaksi.
    2. peddroelm
      Will copy/paste from a previous post because is seems most people diskije that screen and I get asked a lot why I always keep it up


      edit - could not paste directly - too many characters

      I think there is a UI mod out there that provides that info (and more) I might get to try it sometime
    3. Valka D'Ur
      Valka D'Ur
      You sent me Visitor's Messages, not PMs, so that's why there's a low limit on space. ;)

      I'll look up the cbc.ca articles on Canada Post. Some of the comments there are mine, but I won't expect you to look through all the thousands of them to see what I had to say.

      I live in an apartment now, with a huge bank of mailboxes in the lobby. Some of the carriers who know I'm physically disabled will bring my mail right to my door, while others expect me to come and get the parcels so they don't have to bother. I won't do that, though, and wouldn't even if able-bodied. I paid for delivery to my door, and that's what I expect.

      We have small postal outlets here and there; mine's in a pharmacy a few blocks away, but still too far for me to get to. I've never been glad to live in an apartment before, since elimination of door-to-door delivery to my former house would have meant that I'd no longer be able to get any mail.
    4. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Thanks! Hangover isn't that bad fortunately.

      Very much a spectator wrt sports, especially a fast and physical one like roller skating.
    5. Takhisis
      Ice hockey on roller skates -take off the ice hockey gear. Maybe try some scythe-wheeled skates instead.

      For tough people, since we're on topic.
    6. Takhisis
      Roller-skate hockey is played with next to no armour.
      Did a hakkapalitto wear armour? Bravery was enough, especially when there are Swedes to take most of the incoming fire, so evidently a brave man can do the same. Light cavalry shall win the day again!
    7. Takhisis
      Given that roller-skate hockey is said to be derived from ice hockey, it makes sense as a good summer choice. Pick up a hockey stick and try to wallop people.

      Interestingly, it appears that Klamy released some new songs with, shall we say, more traditional musical merit (!). I can now like that as well.
    8. Takhisis
      But the Sanomat has a lot of sarjakuvat which I use for good language practice! Karvinen, Santeri, Jere, Harald Hirmuinen…

      As for your story, the Americans are nuts. Almost all religious people I know, including your future sovereign, are well-adjusted, balanced people.
      Some Protestant denominations are very violent and tend to discourage critical thinking, as I've seen from recent reports on the rise of neo-Lutheranism in Finland.
      Believe it or not, some neo-Pagans in Estonia actually 'talk' to trees, for some reason.

      Being religious does not mean that one is silly or intelligent, or that one is bad or good.

      Why the hell do you use rollerskates? Do some water-skiing instead, unless it's summer practice for ice hockey.
    9. Takhisis
      So I thought I'd try my über-1337 Finnish reading skills.

      \\GOTO: hs.fi
      \Cover story: Suomessa syödään enemmän erektio-lääkkeitä kuin muissa Pohjoismaissa.

      I'll stick to comics in the future.
    10. DingleBirdy
      Good call. I've updated it alphabetically.
    11. Takhisis
      Well, I do hope that it will be an excellent sympathetic day, too. Thanks!

      Maybe the weather will turn from this mini-summer into a more Finnic-steparian cruelly cold winter. We'll see.
    12. Takhisis
      Heh, Argentina gave an excellent performance, better than I and most people expected throughout the entire tournament. Enough so that people still wanted to cheer on the team both yesterday and today, but a relatively small crowd of professional hooligans decided to wreck everything and the players decided to cancel their public appearance. :undecide:
    13. Takhisis
      Well, we'll have some wodka ready for you when you return.

      I could use a sauna, it is so cold and wet this winter.
    14. Takhisis
      Oi, Hra. Gee!
      Mitä on tapahtunut? Miksi sinä et tullut 50-chatiin?
    15. Grisu
      well, we did rather well with Hodgson, it was after him that we fell into a hole for years. At the moment it almost looks like a bit of a golden generation, though so far they fail to deliver in big tournaments. But I still maintain that the current squad is the best swiss squad we had in my lifetime. But they're still young (apparently we had the third youngest squad in the tournament)
    16. Takhisis
      Yes, it was a miscalculation. Next time the goal will be scored at a proper moment, i.e. either in the first minute of the game or in the last minute of regular time.
    17. Grisu
      heh, thank you, it was an entertaining game (at least for me). oh, and I think it was actually good Senderos didn't play..I think his best days are behind him.

      and thanks for the condolences..already feeling the age ;)
    18. Takhisis
      You're shooting someone who looks like Suarez.
    19. Takhisis
      Well, the bots can get really aggravating and at times it feels as if they were cheating. Lead isn't that good a form of justice, there's plasma and explosives and such, although gatling guns are very useful.

      And you can play against Mr. Takhisis, too.
    20. Takhisis
      Rap is vastly preferable to pop. All right, I sometimes listen to Aqua but only as a buffer between two other markedly different styles.
      But, for 'pop', I'd rather have Miljoonasade or Juice Leskinen than Pharrell Williams shouting he's happy, or *shudder* Madonna's crap.
      Is it true that mate is taking a hold in Finland as a curiosity? Perhaps it is thankfully limited only to Helsinki.

      Since we're at it, I recommend that you download and install a game called OpenArena, it's a blast!
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