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Aug 2, 2021 at 11:20 AM
Apr 30, 2012
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Trancerelic, Male, from Finland

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Aug 2, 2021 at 11:20 AM
    1. Takhisis
      On the nakkit: People not liking sausages should be banned. Acquisition of German sausage-making masters might be necessary at some point. Also, boiling sausage and eggs in one pot, taking those out, boiling rice in the water, then adding the sausage, eggs and some mayonnaise yields an astonishingly tasty meal, and quite quickly, too.
    2. Takhisis
      This shall be vigorously fought once I'm in power. I do agree witht he Swedes beign pedantic and the Finns being cold, I mean, cool, but after I read that and the article it was a response to… oh, this is by the same author, apparently.

      My views about coffee are not 'weird'. I'm just a deep-set conservative who likes coffee in its original form. I also think Finland should treble its cocoa intake, and that chocolate-flavoured and/or -derived alcoholic beverages are a must.
    3. Takhisis
      Eh? We're up to the gills in cocaine, so yes, we're concentrating on Sochi thanks to ESPN.

      What would a nakki-eater be called, then? Nakkija? Nakkittaja sounds like a sausagemaker, but, still… it would appear that I have to engage in an eating tour of Finland, if only to know how to improve exports so as to reconquer Karelija/Karjala by culture.

      I'll have to tell more on the kesäkurssit later on… I think that, in those dialogues with Atticus, one or both of you were playing a game of Silly Buggers.
    4. Takhisis
      Herra Grendeldehvi, what is the difference between a makkara and a nakki?
    5. bhsup
      Haha, I am assuming that means happy birthday?? thanks! Had a nice, relaxing time. Well, other than falling and cracking my head on the driveway :D
    6. Takhisis
      Yes, you can help me with the heat. Make me a Finnish citizen and crown me sovereign.

      I'll have to compile a humungous list of postpositiot and send it to RO.

      Combined prepositions and adverbs have the same effect in Españish -it can get quite confusing for speakers of languages such as yours because there's next to no case declension on the word itself but the gender and number declensions to happen and give you an array of combinations.
    7. Takhisis
      Ensimmäinen oŋelma: There is a ban on books and a crazy inflation-devaluatuion spiral happening. So we have the one book to photocopy from. (There also is/was a ban on books, but pricing them out has been quite the thing, really. Keeps those nasty ideas out of people's heads). This is a country where farmers pay a 35% 'exports retention' (not a tax), a 2% tax on income and then pay 37% tax on any profit they make (as well as VAT! 20% on any wares they need to grow their crops in the first place)… but financial assets are not taxed.
      And so on and on.

      Still, we got to see a few postposisions: edessä, <snipped> välillä (what's the difference between this one and keskellä?), ala/ylä/sisä/ulkopuolella, jälkeen, kanssa, kautta, ohi… and a couple dozen more, but rajoissa isn't there.

      Toinen oŋelma
      It is very hot.

      I have a solution for the a/ä and coffee issues (I'll send a PM later on).
      Oh, and the Sámi use ŋ, so Finland should change that. Will, after I am crowned kuningas.
    8. Takhisis
      Me opiskelimme postpositioja tiistaina mutta 'rajoissa' ei ollut tekstikirjassa. :(

      Edit: 'what about'? the 'playing now'-thread with all its pollution. The more workers, the less turns it takes to cleanse the tile.
    9. Takhisis
      Voitteko auttaa minua, Herra Grendeldehvi?
    10. Takhisis
      Hakkaa päälle!
    11. JeanBaptiste
      Hey there. Sorry for a late answer. Rarely check my messages, I think yours was probably the first one I've gotten here on CFC!

      Yes, recently got back playing CiV with all expansions and dlc. Back in the time when we did those challenges my good computer crashed and I it took sometime before I got a new. In the meantime I got back playing cIV which really got me addicted. Compared to Vanilla CiV, bts cIV Deity level was a lot harder and more challenging.

      Missing out on the whole G&K expansion it has taken some time to get back at it. But after a few succesful deity games I´ll probably take on some challenges. Right now I´m also just lurking around but intend to be more active.
    12. Takhisis
      León Gieco - Los Orozco
    13. Hygro
      Yeah! I'm with you on that.
    14. Hygro
      haha like the TV shows or...?
    15. Takhisis
      Poni? Poni usually is the precursor to mortadella.

      Try this for Hra. Salo's ä-a dilemma.
      People who are not allowed in any sort of recording studio: the list. Hippies, communists, pony lovers, sober people, Swedes, unattractive people, etc. The contradiction between Stockholm's female population being rated as the second most attractive in the world (Helsinki's not being even in the top 10) and this 'Swedes not being allowed in the studio' thingy will be solved by incorporating the old kingdom of Ruotsi as Länsi-Suomi, with Danish help -they get Skåne back- and that, in turn, will boost the Finnish economy. This, in turn, will enable me, I mean, us, I mean, Finland, to recover Karelia once the Riots have fragmented Russia, and also to establish a protectorate over the oil company-dominated Finnic speakers of the Arctic such as the Mari. It's feasible.
    16. Takhisis
      My research indicates that Heikki Salo sometimes does also pronounce his a's like ä's, but then he's from Lapua which is too near the cost. No one who doesn't at least sound Karelian (or Sámi) should be allowed to be recorded in song.
    17. Takhisis
      What do you mean by versatily, Herra G.?
    18. Takhisis
      Kuntaa… count… sounds like katu, another naturalised loanword. So, small regions. Eliminates the power of local regional governors. Nice solution. Sadly, it cannot be implemented in Argentina.
    19. Takhisis
      *at some point

      Yes, we need an upgrade pack for at least 1500k. We should ask for more because the mods have the habit-cum-kneejerk response of automatically renegotiating. ATTICUS, LUETKO TÄTÄ?

      So, you have only one subdivision, the kunta? Who chooses the local ruling authorities? I must know all this if I'm to participate in the task of governing Finlandija.

      A couple sidenotes: Why does Pohjanmaa have such a name if it's only halfway through the country?
      Vera Jordanova is a good example of what benefits the incorporation of Russian population elements to the Finnish collective can bring.
    20. Takhisis
      But, more land! Think of all you could do! More water! More saunas! Atticus once told me of a long (300km.) journey he undertook, now he could go on even longer trips of 350 km.! Perhaps even 400, if he's feeling a little light-headed.

      Your wealth has rendered you indifferent to high culture. :shake: I like heavy metal. I like Finnish musicians. Yet, I don't like the combination. If you've been paying close attention, all the Finnish metal bands I've posted sing in Swedish or English, but hardly ever in Finnish. So, no, Nightwish is outside my range of tastes. Also, girl who came in as #2 is one of those metalhead people who dress up in black even in summer, so we'd've had to trade anyway.

      Ah, small thingy. Is Oulu part of the Swedish-speaking/influenced areas, or is it far enough to the north to be immune to the pestis sveticus infection?
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