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Apr 30, 2012
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Trancerelic, Male, from Finland

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Aug 2, 2021 at 11:20 AM
    1. Takhisis
      I thought so: mennä = go + naimisissa = "married", so mennä + naimisiin (illative) = go into marriage, but some collocations are strange.

      This Suomen Mestari book started out well and patriotically. Now our characters are on holiday in Ålan/Ahvenanmaassa and mysteriously get people to communicate in Finnish. This is getting weird.

      Also, we're moving on tot he dreaded e-sanatyyppi. It's as if you had a crystal ball!
    2. Takhisis
      Aaaaaaa! use of -kin vs. myös! :run:

      Does mennä naimisiin mean get married?
    3. Atticus
      Joo, siinä yksi syy, miksi jätin intin ihan suosiolla väliin. :D

      Intti ja murteethan taitaa kuulua aivan Tuntemattoman Sotilaankin hengessä yhteen. Aika monelle se on varmaan ensimmäinen paikka, missä enemmän kuulee muuta kuin kotipuolen murretta.
    4. Takhisis
      Or we could just make it the 'discuss Tak's attempts at learning languages' thread. And if any mods read this they should really consider giving us that bonus pack.

      I think I can make myself understood in a slightly Tarzan-y (Tarzanisesti or Tarzanisti?) way -I don't like the 'everyone should speak English' approach- for very basic stuff.
    5. Takhisis
      Hah! That'd be cheating. Probably you've bet Atticus some Koskenkorva on my being able to understand you.
      I think you require more of the Pasanen-Loiri duo. It's never too alte to get some culture into one's head.

      I didn't comment on salmiakki last time because of the 1k char limit - the feeding of turkki pippuri variety to me in particular should be counted as attempted manslaughter.

      Interesting comparison: the Greeks use auxiliaries for negation and future tense but still conjugate the verb instead of the auxiliary:
      En puhu -> den miláw
      Et puhu -> den milás
      etc. etc.

      On the antipodes of linguistic patterns.
    6. Takhisis
      P.S. Minä en ymmärrä paljon puhekieltä. :( Mutta se ei ole liian vaikea.
    7. Takhisis
      To spot mistakes you have to speak the language very well. Although I think someone wrote 'kaupunginosa' somewhere.
      Plurals are my bane, and any tense beyond the present and the imperfektiivi will leave me knowing the general idea of what is said but not the details - I could be doing worse after only a year. We'll see how the kesäkurssi thing works.
      BUT these things go like that. In Spanish you have far more tenses and instead of cases you use prepositions always modifying the nominative, plus we have two genders and a lot of agreement between nouns, articles, numbers and adjectives. So it's quite confusing even for Finns who've spoken it for a decade or two.
      One thing I have trouble with is pronouncing condensed words. Should I place a secondary stress on each new unit? Such as Harjoituskirja: /'harjɔitusˌkirja/?

      It is Greek homework day anyway so my mind is on a different paradigm: even the numbers have gender, and you have to place articles everywhere -and declense them of course.
    8. Takhisis
      I must put that on paper and attempt to translate. You're evil, Hra. Grendeldef. Almost like one of those people who lost to Portugal today.

      btw you must have read my comments on my teacher attempting to poison me with salmiakki.
    9. Takhisis
      Funny, a dictionary that requires another dictionary to be read.

      Aren't the people over in Finnmark technically Lapps/Sámi? Wit far less cases and so forth?

      Now I'll go and check on Atticus' wall. Hopefully he'll be sleeping and I won't wake him up.
    10. Atticus
      Siis tarkoittaako kuappi jotain, vain naurattiko vain yliampuva savo?

      Mulle tuli shokkina Jyväskylässä d:n pois tiputtaminen. Kerran mietin monta minuuttia, mitä tarkoitti, että jotkin tapaukset oli "yhen käen sormilla laskettavissa".

      Se oli myös shokki, että siellä oli kaupunginosa nimeltään Mäki-Matti. Myöhemmin tosin sain tietää, että se ei ole Nykäsen mukaan nimetty.
    11. Atticus
      En mä mikään natiivi ole, jopa kehä kolmosenkin ulkopuolelta. Mä oon syntynyt Vaasassa ja asunut kymmenisen vuotta JKL:ssä ja toiset kymmenen Helsingissä. Ymmärrän kyllä keskivertomaalaista enemmän stadia, faija käytti sitä jostain syystä aika paljon, vaikkei sekään ollut täältä.

      Lisäksi oon alkanut huumorimielessä käyttämään stadilaista muotoa "mun pitää pelaa sivilisaatiota", enkä enää osaa lopettaa, mutta vastapainoksi sanon myös keskisuomalaisittain "mää". :D
    12. Takhisis
      'They don't know Swedish or Finnish but something in between'. That tends to happen in border areas. The border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina has a three-way mix of Guaraní, (South American) Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese, each of them influencing the other two. For Europeans, who typically learn Spanish or Portuguese in their European forms, this can be quite confusing.
    13. Takhisis
      Perseseen, perseeseen, can you trust V. Jokinen and his fans to write properly? Or me to pay that much attention to spot the mistake?

      English nobility are people I instinctively distrust unless they've proved their worth elsewhere, e.g. Ian McKellen who is a great actor, in spite of having a title.
    14. Takhisis
      Well we got to read some Muumit adventures. So cute, so kawaii!

      Blasted perfektiivi!
    15. Takhisis
      Awfully scary? Hmm, I've recently come to get the difference between 'olut on hyvä' and 'olut on hyvää' so all I have to do is move over to the comitatives and composite tenses at some point.
      I can use the past indicative affirmative, more or less, but anything beyond 'ei ollut/ei tullut' is like a closed book to me as of yet.

      It is supposed to be Not so much {adj}… as {adj}- not so {adj} but/yet {adj}. The red-pencilled one strikes back.

      Edit: Our study of the local cases means that I've now understood what 'perseseen' means. :cringe:
    16. Takhisis
      We're on to past tenses and plural partitives as of tomorrow. Mesa scared. but inna good way, that is, Grendeldefino.
    17. Takhisis
      I should've said moving sled at this time of the year, my apologies. ;)
      We've recently read a text in SM about a young lass taken by her mother to buy new shoes. Very good recording, very convincing. 'Punaiset kengät ovat tyhmät, (…) ihanat liilat sandaalit'. She's so strangle-worthy, great voice-acting. :) (Reminds me of the writing acting in Saippuaprinssi after Sari Havas' character goes crazy)

      btw Ford is Murican, Brits don't need cars to feel masculine, just tea and wusky.
    18. Takhisis
      I understood the process (it helps that it's part of a larger description of people moving house and there's a lot of helpful context) but I wasn't sure whether it meant that they were just bringing them down from the pakettiauto (moving van, right?) or hauling the stuff all the way up.

      And, since you go on about your patriotism, our book is called Suomen mestari. A good title to start with. And patriotic. FOR THE MASTER RACE!
    19. Takhisis
      Aaargh, all the possible meanings of the word 'nostaa'.
      I have 'mies nostaa autosta monta ruskeaa laatikkoa kadulle', so I'm translating it as 'traer' (i.e. bring) but I'm thinking that it might be better to put in 'subir' (i.e. bring up). Which do you think is best?
    20. Takhisis
      k-p-t vaihtelu. vahva & heiko, etc. Yes, decclension can be a hassle at times. But at least you never modify the beginning of the word like the Celts do.

      'More then' and 'if… than' are, to quote Robert Hartwell Fiske, idiotic. My personal recommendation is that the perpetrators be hanged by the figgin.
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