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Oct 23, 2017
    1. Hammer Rabbi
      Hammer Rabbi
      Hehe, I agree the community (at least the ones who are posting) falls along those lines. I think there are many who can endure and win on deity but simply dont enjoy it. deity is more for those who agree to play with added frustration, haha. im still a little surprised how many deity masters will play the low level GotMs. they still find interest in fastest turns on easier diffs. that or just need some ego stroking. :)

      i do plan to get a deity CV but need to play a few more CVs to get the rhythm/timing of non-SS tourism pressure. SS wins are fun if for no other reason than making it to the end of the city naming lists, haha.

      the recent Challenges have been fun to look at and read. i wish there was a subforum in Strat&Tactics just for those challenge threads, a central hub for them would be a little convenient. if only i had more time to play so many interesting starts. i like that the community is running with it though. too many to choose from is better than not enough.
    2. Grendeldef
      6-10 hrs sounds just like my games hence I rarely finish them the few challenges being the exceptions. I'm not keen on hunting achis so finishing a game which has been effectively won 100 turns earlier is no interest to me. The challenges are pretty much the most interesting part of the game by now. Everything else has been done.

      Nah, not much a writer in the forums but I'll read it actively. I might be more or less a secret elitist but to me there're essentially two games here - deity & non-deity and the latter has become so easy that it's no interest of mine hence I don't participate discussing tactics etc there. Deity discussions are more interesting but there're enough smart (or like-minded) people that I don't have to write anything.
      The last thing in which I did take part was the Byzantium's UA which is just crap or more worryingly occasionally obsolete. The demarcation line between Deity vs other players was remarkably clear yet enlightening.
    3. Hammer Rabbi
      Hammer Rabbi
      yeah, the participation levels have waned. bnw changed the VCs enough that getting back to mastering them is kind of a chore. i still havent gotten a deity win with culture since bnw, haha. i havent had the time for many of the challenges lately either. my games take about 6-10 hrs to complete, not like some of these 2-3hr times i see in gotm results. (i need some new hardware to speed that up, haha.) i hadnt noticed you around the regular sub forums for a bit either. i guess your are back playing some more too?

      i have been reading the write-ups though. some new pros have shown up in the last year that are still teaching me new things.
    4. Grendeldef
      So what are you up to these days - just GotM or silently cruising through the gazillion of available challenges? Haven't seen your game write-ups/related stories since the Kores/Maya/Babs test runs on identical maps. Sadly, there aren't that many of us left from the Snarzberry's original challenge.
    5. Hammer Rabbi
      Hammer Rabbi
      haha, yeah it was. he carved his way thru 3 cities (2 russian, 1 spanish) to get to me too. and he was 3rd in score. i got to machine guns/GWI myself before going down. only producing 1 unit every 5 turns wasnt enough though. and i started with about 12 units, not the typical 6-8. also not going on the offensive really killed it. immortal OCC is SO much harder for me with the patch.
    6. smallfish
      Was this on OCC?
    7. Grendeldef
      I like the idea of wonderless game whether it'll be total domination or something else - excellent chance to observe the effect of not having a NC. I'll prolly start another (TD)Challenge thread soonish for gathering the ideas for rules and this surely will be presented.
      Sadly, there were only few of us who presented the results in original TDC & even less now but I think that has more to do with the quality of the 1st result than lack of interest.

    8. Heerlo
      :goodjob:Pretty nice pc you got there.
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