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  • Oh, ok, I guess that would explain why I also found a SOGTM ruling-thread saying that the tactic is in fact legit. Did not find the thread of the game itself though...

    Hans Lemurson actually just my Internet Name, and it was only recently that I discovered that "Lemur" is a legit swedish name. It's what I use on every forum (sometimes HansLemurson, Hans_Lemurson), and most importantly on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HansLemurson

    As a thank you for being kind and remembering me after so long, I will point you in the direction of some of my more famous videos.

    I should definately update my signiature too. Not touching the avatar though, since I spent an hour making that by hand when I was in highschool.
    Nope! This trick spans up to BTS and even the mod called K-mod, which purpose is to make the AI very agressive and intelligent, didn't patch this up yet(and there were lots of fixes Firaxis left to be patched).
    Even now, if I know I'll have this AI as a permanent partner, I use this trick to peacefully make an agression on that one for my profit.

    And you were quite fast to find the one of the main threads regarding that subject initiated by TMIT.
    In fact, I was the one who initially stir up this discussion as I proposed my team to use that trick for a space game in the very competitive subforums called the SGOTM, which provoked some doubts on how abusive it can be and thus the arguments started.

    And of course, originally, I did not forget to give credits.
    Hence the why I found you by coincidence in the usernames list. For some reason, your name stuck in my head, probably for being one of the rare real life names.
    It's good to be remembered! It's been some time since I've posted...anything on the CFC. I've mainly been building redstone CPUs in Minecraft in the meantime.

    Now I wrote that strategy article in 2006, 7 and a half years ago! I was under the impression that that tactic was only do-able in vanilla Civ4, which hasn't been relevant for some time. When and where did this topic come up for discussion again?
    Seeing you're alive, a big thanks for your article about "Agressive Trading with Subsidies". Made me learn a nice trick, so much of a big one that it triggered a year ago a lot of discussions.

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