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  • your welcome. im looking for a suscribe button so i dont have to hunt for your stories. still trying to learn the forum. btw, i started a no vc game because of your story with china. might make a lp once i reach modern era. you use fraps for your Screenshots?
    my game is drawing to a close. A culture victory looks likely, but not anytime soon. Until yhat happens, the world will be engulfed in flames!
    I apologize if there is a lull in my story. this is due to the fact all my opposition on my continent is gone! before a culture win can arrive, I am developing a special plan to destroy the Huns and establish a home for myself on their continent. When I annex a few cities, a can rush buy everything they need to function well, and win via Domination! hope it works, and best of luck in your current conflict.
    korean president, if you get this, I need tips ASAP! You said you got from the anchient era up to the future on king. I am on the brink of losing the war against Siam, since they are a world power! I need tips on how to stop them!!
    i saw one of your stories and it was cool. ( the one where you were at war with france) would you like to see mine?
    Just so we're clear, you aren't saying anything "Wrong" in the Ask an Evangelical thread. I may be challenging you on certain things, but hey, Evangelicals can ask each other questions, right?

    Don't think that just because I disagree with you means you should stop posting. Keep it up:)

    (PS: This eternal security discussion is infinitely more worthwhile than all of the "The Bible contradicts itself for the umpteenth time" posts from certain people...)
    I'm 100% with you (Although I think the death penalty is correct because of Genesis 9:6 and Romans 13:4 moreso than the Law of Moses) but I'm just warning you the kinds of attacks you will inevitably get.
    Is there any murderer out there who doesn't deserve to die?And would you say the government was wrong if the execute such a person?

    This is a great analogy, but keep in mind how liberal CFC is when you make it.

    Most people here would, in fact, say it was wrong. There are a lot of warped priorities here in general. There are people here who would have no issue with killing a fetus very shortly before natural birth, but would scream bloody murder if we execute a serial killer for his crimes (And yet would defend all sorts of other actions by the state that "Normal" people can't do, but not executing, because that's murder in their minds.)

    Just be careful that you don't let anyone twist what you say:p

    Good work defending the faith:)
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