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    Several Civ Questions

    And the same goes for the PS3 version.
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    Idling cities

    The answer is simple and I´m surprised you haven´t got it yet. You put your city on gold or science specialization and the city will not produce any hammers once you have reached the modern era, it will only focus on what you ask it to focus on.
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    This game really sucks!

    :eek: Perhaps wrong place to puke over a turnbased game. Your bad not knowing this. The Civilization series is the most known turnbased game series ever created. You can try SimCity on the PC. The latest version is approx 3 years old and is named Sim City 4. There you create a city from scratch.
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    If I cature a city and harbor it do I keep the wonder(s)

    Yes, you keep the wonders and they count towards your 20 things for a cultural victory, but you don´t get the benefits from them, e.g., you don´t get a Tech for Shakespeare´s Theatre.
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    This Game Sucks!!!!!

    You can´t. As said earlier, this is a console game. It is present on X360, PS3, DS, and since a few days back actually also on iPhone/iPod Touch.
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    Pikeman killed a tank.

    He is talking about Civ Rev, and you are discussing in the wrong forum.
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    This Game Sucks!!!!!

    Let´s get back to talk about Civ Rev and nothing else, why keep on ranting about graphics and that the games doesn´t work on your computer? This is a console game! BTW, computers that can run Civ 4 are at a bargain price these days.
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    What exactly is the GOTW?

    There is no MP on the iPhone version so therefore no GOTW.
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    PLEASE HELP with German Upgrades

    Thanks for the comments. Regarding the upgrade for Germany you are right. For all other Civilizations it is important to note though that you need to have had a Tech for at least one turn for the Leonardo´s Workshop to upgrade units, i.e. if you discover a new tech the same turn as you build LW...
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    Which victory type do you most consistently use?

    Any civ works, but I prefer Romans, Russia, China, Zulu, and France. Romans for the cheap wonders Russia for the growth on inland China for the larger cities at start Zulu for the fast city growth and France for the starting Cathedral.
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    PLEASE HELP with German Upgrades

    A unit becomes an elite unit when a veteran unit has won three battles, i.e. produce a unit with barracks and then win three battles unless you are a german producing warriors because then they are elite directly if produced with a barrack. Why even bother thinking about great leaders???
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    PLEASE HELP with German Upgrades

    The units upgrade the turn after you get the tech that gives you an upgrade Upgrade happens as soon as you have the next unit type in order on the Tech tree, i.e. you cannot "jump over" one unit type that is similar to the one you have. See Mikewest´s "the ultimate tech tree" for details on...
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    Which victory type do you most consistently use?

    I do quite often go for Cultural victory. It is under the radar of other players. I protect my 2-3 main cities with units from all of my other 10-15 cities and just keep on focusing on growth improvements (e.g., granary, harbor) and wonders in the main cities. That usually does it for me with...
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    The Civilization Revolution Strategy Archive

    Well said. Yes we are many who have reacted negatively to Morte´s language now and then, but with that said let us all stop arguing and support each other. Unfortunately the Civ Rev forum here and on 2K forums have more ranting and negative attitude against people than any other Civ forums. I...
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    Custom Map

    You cannot create custom maps in Civilization Revolution
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