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    Building The Slyph Search seems to be causing a CTD, not when built, but when starting the next turn after it completes - possibly when the game tries to move it? Going back and not finishing the build lets the game proceed fine.
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    Suggestions and Requests

    A big part of the problem is that production in Alexandria is absolutely awful (and alternative cities further east along the Egyptian coast are even worse). Therefore, AI Egypt is very unlikely to manage to build the Great Lighthouse, and AI Greece is very unlikely to build it in Egypt in...
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    [Development] Map Suggestions

    There are a lot of civilizations that I think could work with the expanded map (but that wouldn't work before it is implemented). The Sabaeans are definitely one of them, but not the only one. I have a whole long list, personally; just in the Middle East I hope we can see some/all of the...
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    New Rise and Fall mechanics beta phase

    Not a major bug, but the starting text for Iran on the 600 AD start is the text from the 1700 AD start ("It is the year 1700 AD..." even though they spawn in 1500)
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    Suggestions and Requests

    I think the real problem is the AI's poor threat assessment when it comes to potential enemies who are in Defensive Pacts. The AI doesn't seem to take into account that they will suddenly be at war with eight other civs by declaring war on one civ (and, conversely, doesn't seem to take into...
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    I noticed a bug on a recent Git branch (not quite the latest but close and didn't see a mention of it having been fixed) where the Confucian URV displays the names (but not the description text, which appears accurately) of the three parts of the Congo UHV instead on the Victory screen.
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    Leoreth Plays China

    I don't think this is true. From my experience, you need to have at least four cities to get the dynastic names. That's a slight stretch for Zhou but not wildly unrealistic (and there's a good chance you will found 4 cities before reaching the Classical Era) and completely realistic for anything...
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    Leoreth Plays China

    The mouth of the Yangzi wasn't part of the core of ancient China. It was very much at the limits of what would have been considered "Chinese" civilization during the Zhou dynasty, e.g., with the Wu state being coded barbarian in surviving literature on the Spring and Autumn Period and possibly...
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    The "OMG! Look what happened in DoC!" Thread

    I just played a game like that, too, although I was Japan so way far away from Byzantium (but they were the main tech leader/my rival for the tech lead during the 19th century instead of England!). They finally collapsed in the 1870s. I wonder if the change in preferred civics has made the...
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    Postwar Congress

    Former colonizers successfully claiming cities in former colonies through Congresses is something that needs to be fixed in general. Spain in particular tends to get cities back from its former colonies all the time, but the same happens with Britain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc. as...
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    Which civ should I play?

    China's long game spanning most of history is definitely one of the more interesting UHV games to me, especially since you have a fair amount of freedom to do things that aren't UHV-focused (very tightly laser-focused UHV games aren't that fun to me). The Byzantines are another fun one for being...
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    Making Culture (and it's slider) Viable Options

    There was a brief period in the development of the mod when high culture levels increased the output of specialists. I wish that would be brought back. Reaching Legendary Culture is so rare and difficult (I'm a major builder and very rarely reach Legendary Culture unless it's part of an...
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    Dawn of Civilization General Discussion

    The Atlantic slave trade did involve a lot of persons enslaved in east Africa (although more further south than Ethiopia - mostly around modern Mozambique). But I do agree with the critique that the slaves captured by Ethiopia are captured too early to be applicable to the Atlantic slave trade...
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    Visionary Wonders Thread

    Just trying to think of some unfinished structures that aren't recent. I came up with the following that would have been architecturally significant: The Alai Minar (would have been the tallest minaret in the world) The Great Temple of the Aten (likely would have been the largest building of...
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    Where to get Civ2: Test of Time in 2018

    Having trouble with getting TOT working on a modern Windows 10 computer as well. I downloaded (thanks for the directions above - I owned this game way back in the early 00s but hadn't had a source for it in ages!) and was able to run the installer successfully. The game now opens and loads, and...
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