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  • I don't really have an opinion there, to be honest, because I don't think it's a particularly interesting question. (Aside from the somewhat sticky question of what "Babylonians" and "Egyptians" are supposed to mean...)
    I wasn't actually angry, just a bit sad and disappointed (we don't have a thread for that, though). But you definitely cheered me up. :)
    Thank you! :)

    It's funny, how timing works - I was posting in the Rants thread about how nobody in OT wished me happy birthday this year, and at the same time you were posting this message! :)
    Well I would have to say Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan (Marquette), and maybe something in the Iowa-Minnesota Area...

    I don't know any teams in that area.

    EDIT: Or maybe LSSU, since their hockey team is Division I, and was 17th in the nation last year. :goodjob:
    If you have something to say to me in my capacity as a moderator, please use the PM feature. Visitor messages are not private.
    On a personal basis, I have no reason to be mad at you. As a moderator, I wish you had not started that thread. These sorts of personal "Dear Abby" kinds of threads rarely garner much more than spam, and any good, practical advice tends to be drowned out among the spam and flaming. If I may offer any suggestions at all on this, you should speak to a guidance counselor at your school and ask his/her advice.
    Thanks, consider switching to homeschooling and selfstudying APs along with taking SATs; if the social environment problem.
    Hey, sorry about that... did you feel left out? :D
    Yeah, I've had tonnes of hw for ages, just looked here today. Good thing, too!
    So, anyway, WDC? ('sup?)
    It's alright besides personal life drama and jazz... got into USC with 1/2 scholarship but waiting on a ton of other colleges in March. You finally back?
    Well, the art files are there in the Program Files, so you just have to put them in like you would any other civ in the editor and pedia icons.
    i just played as the ottomans starting on an island..with the Byzantines. i gave up cause things were too slow, and that the Byzantines woudl probably defeat me with my own creations.
    Well, I would like it more if, say, the Khmers or Inca were in Vanilla than the Ottomans. And of course you can see that the Inca are one of my favorite civs, too (my username is Huayna Capac so...)
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