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    How to tell if enemy vassal is forced/ conquered?

    I think vassals that surrender in a war can not renounce the vassalship without meeting conditions right? Because I'm thinking about not trading with them if they are conquered, but do trade if not, since they will likely get freed.
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    Can a lake then road connect 2 cities' trade route?

    I have sailing. My capital is next to a lake, then I built a road from the lake to my second city thinking that will connect them, but it didn't work. Is that how it's supposed to work?
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    When AI is making a demand for you, is there a way to examine the situation?

    I don't get why the game won't let me look through my diplomacy tab before accepting a demand.
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    How to prevent ice wall on Medium likeness or less?

    I always play random climate and never seen ice wall, but tried temperate today and saw it. Maybe that's the issue?
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    How to download this?

    This works with 'Load a Mod' now, thanks. It seems to take a long time to open though, and there is an icon that the installation made for direct opening but it doesn't work.
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    How to download this?

    I tried to extract it into a folder in the Mods folder, and named it 'Dawn'. But it didn't work. What's the trick to get it to work?
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    Im new: How do you make your games more fun?

    just check quick combat, there will be no combat movies at all
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    Chuck Norris Facts

    when chuck norris approaches a goody hut, it turns into 13 barbarian ICBMs that nuke randomly
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    UHV difficulties unbalanced

    I really don't think the star ratings correspond to the uhv difficulties at all And I read from a guide before that if Europeans builds a city in africa, it counts as failing the uhv even if you raze it, is it the guide false or has it been changed
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    UHV difficulties unbalanced

    Well, I actually want a rank of all if not most of the civs Babylon is fast but isn't easy without a guide And for Portugal, just wait for a war to break out in Asia and than choose a side, also free religion helps
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    UHV difficulties unbalanced

    How come some civs like Portugal are so easy, and some like Persia are impossible? And they don't reflect reality, I won as Spain only with Aztec, Inca and Cuba land, while in reality Spain expand from California to the southernmost part of Chile, and Philippines:crazyeye:, but to win as...
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    Take control new civ

    I can't switch more than once right?
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    The real stability maps

    German and French languages have very different roots, I don't think Charlemagne is the main cause of the split, it's the language
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    The Kremlin

    How about give the effect to the Notre Dam
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