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    Alien Crossfire patch

    Page is down or not available . :eek: Greets
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    new patch is on its way:, released April, 28th

    Thanks ! Greets hulk:thumbsup:
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    1939 AD - WW2 - ColdWar

    Thx for the map MaxRiga.
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    As a old player of CIV series for 15 years, I have to say CIV5 is the worst

    hi dickens My answer to you . I play civ since 21 years. Civ 5 is a SID M. well balanced, no patch to launch it like civ4, and the mods for it , will coming soon within this civfanatics forum :lol: . Nice time to u and all the others choice a civ :D Hulk
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    WORLD WAR II Scenario (Worldmap)

    Long time ago.. any other questions? :) Greetz
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    [BtS] Rise of Mankind

    I load the last autiósave, play the 3 turn again and CTD. any other help outthere? Greets hulk
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    [BtS] Rise of Mankind

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Hello , Greets and i like your mod! But!! .. CTD C:\DOKUME~1\DIEFET~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\8905_appcompat.txt hope it helps. Hulk:scan:
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    RoM for Dummies

    Hello Here's my (probably really basic) question (for today). :) Is there an huge worldmap of earth for Rom??? You did GREAT work :scan: Greets Hulk So sorry i find the threat, nice new year Hulk
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    Alex Earth Map BtS-32 +34civ mod

    Crash to desktop C:\DOKUME~1\DIEFET~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\3182_appcompat.txt Hulk
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    Alex Earth Map BtS-32 +34civ mod

    THX korny , but i doin civ since civ1 and i know the path thing real good since civ 3. But maybe i do an 2th install .... + Lachlan : I play prince and marathon
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    Alex Earth Map BtS-32 +34civ mod

    Dear: REPORT IN TEAM! I load the new file : no prob Install it : no prob Load mod : no prob Choose Empire: no ... Launch game : Crash to desktop Greets and hope it will work soon, Hulk
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    Alex Earth Map BtS-32 +34civ mod

    Hello again .. Only a little thing , plz give a fish to north japan. Greets Hulk
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    Alex Earth Map BtS-32 +34civ mod

    Hello ,well done man. Sorry i am a little bit slow , cause i do an alexworldmap at marathon/prince as the english. Its 4.20 in the morning after 12 hours playing the map. THX for doing it. Hulk:scan:
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    World War II 1939 - A Civilization IV Modification

    :eek: AARRRGGGGH. :sad: Greets Hulk
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    World War II 1939 - A Civilization IV Modification

    @wotan321 that`s the way i play it at the moment, and it s no problem . I like the Eifel Tower.:goodjob: Greets to u 2! Hulk
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