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    1. Martin Alvito
      Martin Alvito
      We're hijacking that thread.

      I'll settle anything with Hammer capacity and a luxury. As a rule, I found 3-4 cities. Build order is usually Worker -> Settler -> Hoplite. Tech path prioritizes AH, luxuries for resale, and Bronze. Then Writing and Horses. Sailing is situational. Archery and Math are unnecessary. Backfill when ready for Riflemen push.

      I'm aggressively buying Maritime AIs - two if possible. A Settler gives you a costless Granary for every Maritime ally.

      I'm leveraging (borrowing against my GPT surplus) with the civ closest to me. Why? First, it buys diplo time. Second, it denies him resources. That civ consistently ends behind in score. Third, it causes it to gain more gold per turn, which lets me get maximum gold bargains on selling luxuries to it sooner. Finally, that AI's still likely to attack before 30 turns are up on all deals, returning my luxuries!

      Naturally, I never take GPT. I sell Open Borders if paid (passing on 10G).
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