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    Final Fixes Reborn

    Thanks for working on this. Awesome stuff ^^
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    Adding extra trade routes to a building?

    I've tried putting this in a little mod and it doesn't work. Can I get some help? :goodjob:<GameData> <Buildings> <Update> <Set NumTradeRouteBonus="1"/> <Where Type="BUILDING_CARAVANSARY"/> </Update> </Buildings> </GameData>
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    Brave new World's New Civilizations - REVISED AGAIN!

    hoping for an east asian religious civ like tibet or sri lanka
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    New civ linked to new resource

    snails for Phoenicia? :P
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    Brave New World's New Civilizations - REVISED!

    hoping for Sri Lanka :D
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    Legion of D'Tesh Defile Crypt?

    How/When is this ability unlocked for Binders?
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    RifE 1.20 Ideas, Requests, and Feedback

    The barbs in this game are ridiculous. One game ended in <100 turns due to a very angry lvl6 18 str griffon. :mad: Funnily enough ~5 civs died before I did.. I suspect I wasn't the first to be crushed by it in that game. :lol:
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    Patch 7.5x Bugs

    strange, okay
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    Patch 7.5x Bugs

    i can't build ice nodes for some reason.
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    Patch 7.4x Bugs

    - Specters don't correctly receive bonuses from Death, Chaos, and Entropy Mana - Illians can't build Ice nodes - I've noticed that cities will stop growing for no reason. Moving citizens around won't adjust the amount of food the city is consuming. This isn't caused by Static.
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    Wildmana 7.5 Development Thread

    EDIT: Nevermind. Disregard this.
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    Isolated starts

    Thanks. I'll try these next time.
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    Isolated starts

    I've noticed that I start a lot of games surrounded by mountains/water and I'm wondering what's an ideal road map when isolated early in the game.
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    newb's first game: impressions

    yeah, i just suck haha
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