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May 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM
Dec 1, 2002
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Apr 16, 1987 (Age: 33)
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soundcloud.com/hygro/, 33, from Montana

disco is liberation Jan 23, 2017

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May 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM
    1. Tahuti
      When you come to the Netherlands, you're more than welcome to ask for a meetup! :) I live in Amsterdam myself.
    2. Antilogic
      That'll be sweet, man. Enjoy the trip (and legal :smoke:).
    3. Antilogic

      Same old over here. Doing super science and hittin' es, in approximately that order.

      EDIT: Aww... it censored the line...
    4. Antilogic
      I see you are back in action in OT! How are things going on your side?
    5. Takhisis
      There should be an easier way of doing this…
    6. Takhisis
      I'll have to conduct a serious thorough examination of all the material there (and skip what's done by others).

      Unfortunately I know squat about musical theory, but I am told I have a good ear -by people who listen to the same type of music as I do.
    7. Takhisis
      Hey I'm loving that soundcloud of yours. If you sold an inexpensive enough CD I'd buy it!
    8. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      You probably missed what happened with that damn camera. So Australian postal services sent it back to Finland as they couldn't read Stuge's writing (it was blurry or something).....months later it came back to Aus but they kept it at my post office, they didn't deliver to my house. I was in Bali for 3 weeks and the 2 week holding period expired.....and I kid you not, the damn thing went back to Finland AGAIN.
    9. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Hey! Good to see you hovering!
    10. Miles Teg
      Miles Teg
      I was referencing a thread you had with Perfection a couple of years ago, which got taken down by the mods.
    11. Azash
      No worries, glad you enjoyed it. :P
    12. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      What did Mouthwash post that got removed?
    13. GhostWriter16
      I was kind of joking, but I don't think very many people run for President without seriously lusting for power. Nobody who was an exception to this would grab half as much as Lincoln did.

      I almost want to say Lincoln was the absolute worst, but then there's Woodrow... And Franklin. :sad:
    14. GhostWriter16
      I think you're wrong on that last point, but I understand it. It may be that consolidating dictatorial power wasn't his goal. He did do it in many ways though. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if that was his goal. Everybody dreams of being king.

      I don't believe we should have gone to war with the Confederacy at all, of course.
    15. GhostWriter16
      In the light of the latest thread about Obama's newly discovered executive powers, I'm curious how you'd defend Lincoln in the light of your (Rather reasonable) assessment of the situation.... Lincoln arrested tens of thousands of people without trial, as even pro-Lincoln scholars admit.

      Most people are just like "But the Confederacy owned slaves, so this justifies Glorious Leader's Oppression, blah blah blah" but you've always struck me as reasonable (Even when I sometimes disagree, of course) so I'm curious if you can give me a better answer in his defense.
    16. GhostWriter16

      This is an interesting post, and describes pretty much why I'm opposed to pretty much all wars of all kinds. Even in the unusual situation where it is actually waged to end a genocide, and doesn't make things worse for the invaded country, I'm still opposed to it. War Presidents always take away our civil rights. You can't have war without losing civil rights. That's also one of the reasons why Lincoln is pretty much the worst, his war was so easy to avoid and he pretty much went out of his way to make sure Americans weren't free during his regime. I don't get why people like him at all, in spite of the many attempts by CFCers to defend him.
    17. GhostWriter16
      I don't hate Paul Krugman, I hate his economic positions, which aren't exactly the same thing. I am far more likely to focus any hate I may have at the people who have the actual power than at an economist who has no power beyond persuasion. I also have no idea what his other positions are, and my opinion of any political figure is based on more than just their economic views. For instance, I think the economic views of Dennis Kucinich are pretty much horrible, but I still respect him because of his foreign policy views. I couldn't vote for him, anyone who trusts the government enough to let them outlaw guns is someone I couldn't vote for, but I do respect him. By contrast, I have far less respect for someone like George W. Bush even if he is closer to me on economics (Although still a far way off.) Foreign policy matters more to me than economic policy anyways. It is war, not economics, that is the health of the state after all.
    18. GhostWriter16
      Or maybe you're wrong. Never discount that possibility:mischief:
    19. GhostWriter16
      I am quite sure that it would "Fix the economy" but anyone who seriously suggets it is an idiot. It may be that he was kidding though. Honestly, I'd prefer to believe that. I hate his economic ideas (The man lives and breathes government intervention) but I'd like to think that nobody is stupid enough to seriously suggest an alien attack be faked.

      Of course, if such a thing ever "Happens" I obviously know they are lying.
    20. GhostWriter16
      Regarding states being micro, just wondering, but do you think that would have the effect of a Libertarian or anyone else who was an economic noninterventionist having positive results at the state level moreso than the Federal level?

      I'm not sure if I'd agree that macro is necessarily different than micro, although I don't really have a good argument against it. It just intuitively seems incorrect, I guess.

      Regarding full employment, how do economists really know what this is? I've heard that they can't even tell whether its 4 or 7%?

      FDR... From what I've heard his policies may have reduced the STRENGTH of the depression but they also made it go longer. Would you say that this is incorrect?

      To ask another unrelated question... about Paul Krugman, is it just me or is he completely off his rocker? I mean, I can understand monetary policy disagreement but the man advocated that the United States fake an alien attack... why should we take anything he says seriously?
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