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  • Hey IgorS, the fur part doesn't show up in my game. Any thoughts on why the fure would not be visible in the game but show up in Nifskope?
    Hi IgorS, thank you for the nice lh's you've made. I used both the Khans in my colonization mod: the East Indies. I'm looking forward to your Tamerlane lh too, because I still need an accurate leaderhead for the Timurid Shah.
    Thanks!! IgorS. Now, I know how to make my own UB a little bit. Thanks. I'd like we were friends.
    I know I can count on you. Well, Good bye. Atte: TheMostWanted.
    Hi, IgorS. How are you?. I like your mods about Kazakhstan Civ and Uzbekistan Civ. I need your help. I have a big question: How make my own Unique Building? Please, I need a guide about how to create unique building. Well, I need your answer. Good bye. Atte:TheMostWanted.
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