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Apr 4, 2016
Jun 12, 2008
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June 12
Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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(Financial, Philo), from Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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Apr 4, 2016
    1. GhostWriter16
      Who are you voting for?

      BTW: We've got Omega now, so that option is off the table. So we're basically the only conservative campaign still running. Vote for us:)
    2. Terrance888
      To Verena Euling

      You are single and alone. You have no heir, nor family to protect you, nor friends to aid you. You hold the future in your palms, yet it can be so easy for one to sneak up behind you and end your line forever.

      I can change that.

      We can mingle our bloodlines, and forge a new future for your family, and for mine. Together we can leave a legacy of our flesh and blood through the generations. What say you? - THE Baron Katzgatton von Maus, dialect left out for readability for longer dialog, and that dialect won't factor into a love letter. :p
    3. mayor
    4. mayor
      can you post an overview of the techtree in Fued III? that would be great ;)
    5. arya126
      Can female characters perform assassinations and such, and if so, would they get a penalty or anything due to sexist traditions in this time period? Or will they only be able to do these sorts of things in later periods or if there is no eligible male in the family yet?
    6. Tambien
      Update Fued III!
    7. Nuka-sama
      Yours too :D
    8. Nuka-sama
      Colonel Mustang?
    9. Tambien
    10. Tambien
      No suggestions on the governmental organization??
    11. Tambien
      Sent an invite to the Group. :D
    12. Tambien
      I know, but you don't actually have to play the game. I just want you as an advisor.

      (Plus, I want to get more people than Polynesia, the IOT nation)
    13. Tambien
      Would you like to join Babylon in Dawn of the Lost Nations- Hotseat RP/Diplo Game?

      If you are worried about time, don't be. You would be in an advisory/administrative role mostly.

      If you do join try and come up with a Babylonian sounding name, based on this list of Babylonian names(we are the second nation on the list) or use Lord Iyil Duzz. Likewise, you can make up a position name, or use Advisior to the King of Babylon.
    14. Dhoomstriker
      Do it. Honestly, it will probably take you more time to sort through your messages than it will ever be worth. If you forget something, it probably wasn't worth remembering, and if it was, just ask the person again. Most people will be understanding of you asking a question a second time, and those that aren't, well, they weren't worth your time to deal with in the first place.

      I "clean house" on my Private Messages on a regular basis. If there's something crucial to keep, I put it in a separate folder or else I document the information offline in a separate document, such as in a spreadsheet or a word processor document.
    15. Dhoomstriker
      I suggest that you Select All Private Messages and delete them. It can be very liberating. It will also save you from continuously running into your current situation of having your Private Message mailbox being full.
    16. Double A
      Double A
      I change it on impulse.
    17. Double A
      Double A
      I've been changing my avatar every day for the past few days for the hell of it, and was going to use this one eventually.
    18. Double A
      Double A
      Considering he's a badass... yes.
    19. Double A
      Double A
      Your avatar. Win.
    20. Duke of Britain
      Duke of Britain
      EUIII Complete is nothing compared to HttT or DW, and when it comes to mods... (like i play Vicky 2 only with mods)
      HttT = Magna Mundi = a mod that makes the game really realistic, adds things like religious minorities, among other things, considered the best EUIII mod and is going to become a game soon
      DW = MEIOU = a improving mod that is really good, also will add minorities (it seems like it gave some problems to the mod, so i think they removed it for now) and improve the game overall, with HYW mechanics for example. the cultures are also improved (occitania!)

      alternatives are the awesome DAO mod, that improves the game a lot, balances the Ottomans and Russians, and also removed the horde mechanics to (again) allow the Ottomans and Russians to get hyper-strong.
      or Miscmods, it REALLY IMPROVES THE COLONIES, it adds specific colonial revolters for the Asians and even muslims, it has some Alternative history scenarios and improves a bunch of other things.
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    June 12
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
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