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Apr 4, 2016
Jun 12, 2008
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June 12
Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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(Financial, Philo), from Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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Apr 4, 2016
    1. Duke of Britain
      Duke of Britain
      Vicky 2 is enjoyable, if i use a mod, i can't play it whiout the PDM or Divergences mod (this one is alternative history, yet the game is more realistic than vanilla) now, it's awfully boring and lacks lots of flavour and realism to the game, i can't play vanilla Vicky 2 or i will quit easily after some years, unlike vanilla DW, that is already good.

      and EUIII complete is , it has IN that is a good expansion, but lacks HttT that really improved the game, plus DW that improved the graphics and game speed, included new mechanics to the game (the horde one is somewhat broken, but it is easy to fix changing one line in a file, or just change some more files and allow the russians to destroy them easier, mods do that)

      i will continue the post soon, stupid text limit...
    2. Duke of Britain
      Duke of Britain
      It isn't, far from the best

      i played a lot of Vicky 2, while you said you only played a single time, for a short ammount of time it seems.
      i played lots of times, and as my 2 fav nations :
      Brazil - 4+ until 1936
      Germany - 6+ times until 1936
      so yeah, there are more times i played until the end game, if i was you i would try playing more and seeing the flaws it has atm. you say terrible things of EUIII, yet seems a inexperienced player that only played it...blobbing over the infamy limit?
    3. GhostWriter16
      Any way we can get you to endorse the Domination campaign?
    4. dot80
      check the social group
    5. NickyJ
      You can ask what the promises are in this usergroup.
    6. NickyJ
      CFC Honorary Presidential voting will take place in OT on November 4th.
    7. Omega124
      Yeah. This nation contains 100% less assissinated Bonapartes, amoung other big differences.
    8. Omega124
      I wanted them (French Tricolor) Red, not Yellow. And its intended use isn't going to based off of Code Geauss. I was just going to shamelessly rip it off for my purposes. So it the Empire of Europe.

      I may as well explain. A really awesome NES is about to start, and I realized I'm the only country in Europe, as the Third French Empire. Once I reunite France, take London, conqeuor Barcelonia, cross the Rhine, and have a good clot in either the Lowlands, Germany, or Italy, I'm going to declare the Empire of Europe due to "multiculturialism" (In realility to make the Empire even bigger while being justified :p)
    9. Omega124
    10. Omega124
      Meh, I guess I can make my own flag when the time comes. But thanks for trying.
    11. Omega124
      Do you know what the flag of Napoléon's Empire in Code Geauss looks like? I think I might be using it soon, if my plans go well (and if it looks nice).
    12. Tecknojock
      Would you please invite tailesskangaroo into the UNA?
    13. Takhisis
      why did you change your post?
    14. Takhisis
      There's kittens for everyone if I win!
    15. Takhisis
      Yes, you were saying? Actually I'd just logged in, so as Boundless had downvoted me and then posted 'I think you can win this' in Ab's wall, down he goes.
    16. Red_Spy
      ilDuce, mission!
    17. Takhisis
      Parrot avatars. We must stamp them out!
    18. Takhisis
      We should do something about all these parrots. Shall I fetch the rifle?
    19. arya126
    20. arya126
      NVM. Keep the mistake. I have decided its a better option after all. (claims in RFL beta)
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    June 12
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
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