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Apr 4, 2016
Jun 12, 2008
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June 12
Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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(Financial, Philo), from Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)

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Apr 4, 2016
    1. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      As previously said so many times on this forum, it was highly improbable that the Ming would've colonized the Americas, even if it has the chance.

      And why would the Chinese would want to conquer Europe anyway. Europeans didn't matter. China was too big to fail. We have the luxury of hindsight on that matter, of course, but no 16th century European or Chinese would've seriously entertained the thought of a European army marching on Nanjing.
    2. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      RE: rebels, sometimes that happens. Especially if most of your provinces are non-cores. However, expansion should, realistically, also be difficult for large countries like Ming, or Timurids (after becoming Mughals) which starts with large number of core provinces.

      RE: world power. You can't really describe Ming as a world power since it could not (or was not willing, or otherwise did not) effectively project its power beyond its region. But to say that the Ming ignored everything beyond its frontier is just false. Isolationist? Sure. Though the Ming still maintained a tribute system and occasionally engage in foreign trade or military expeditions beyond their borders (against the steppe hordes, for example, or in Korea against Japan) and accepted foreign visitors (the Jesuits are probably the most well known example).
    3. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Ming provinces should be richer and more populous. On the other hand, before DW, you'll see Ming regularly swallowing Southeast Asia and expanding deep into the north and west. Things that they did not (and arguably could not) do in actual history.

      EU3 doesn't model large states very well. In actuality, it was very difficult to maintain a large empire and even more difficult to expand if you already have a large empire, but in EU3 larger usually = better (DW "fixes" this issue for Ming by introducing Factions that limits what you can do depending on which ideology prevails at court). Though you could say that part of the appeal of EU3 is the chance to change history and the ability to build large empires.
    4. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      As for EUIII bending huge historical facts... yes... yes they do that. Just look at how the American Indians are represented, or the Middle East, or East Asia (particularly Japan, even in the Divine Wind expansion. Only four daimyos? Please.), or Southeast Asia (Hindu Mataram, lolwut). Or even in Europe, where the large number of states in Germany and Italy is actually simplified from the actual situation where there were actually many, many more independent polities. Not to mention how the game model conquests (making rapid conquests like Selim's invasion of Egypt impossible) or political boundaries, which in the modern sense was pretty much nonexistant in much of the world and even in Europe political entities were based around dynasties and courts as opposed nations well into the Early Modern era.
    5. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      So which is it. Earlier you said 1399. Now you're arguing it's 1421. :rolleyes:

      So yes, Sigismund I, King of Hungary, was indeed Holy Roman Emperor in 1421, having been elected as such several years prior. No, I didn't know this before, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      If you can secure the support of the electors then you can become Emperor. But he was the only non-Habsburg Emperor who was simultaneously King of Hungary, however. And if you actually check none of the Hungarian provinces were actually part of the HRE. That's true in history as well as in game (go check the province decisions tab, you'll see all of Hungary's province has the option "join the HRE")
    6. ilduce349
      not in the 1421 start...

      I would doubt that they would bend such a huge fact...
    7. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      The leader of the HRE in EUIII was Bohemia..

      And yes EUIII is an accurate representation of history. :rolleyes:
    8. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay

      In the 18th century. And he was Austrian. And lived in Vienna. Hungary was very much the junior partner to Austria I'm afraid, no matter how you spin it. And it still wasn't part of the HRE.

      Give up now?
    9. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      They were never at anytime leader of the HRE. During Habsburg rule, the King of Hungary resides in Vienna.

      As for ethnic groups... Hungarian 92.3%. This is from the CIA World Factbook. I don't know what [expletive] sources you are getting all this from.

      Bohemia was part of the HRE, and arguably one of the more powerful states. But that doesn't mean much. Even if Bohemia was utterly razed to the ground (which did not happen), the HRE - or the collection of various states of that the HRE consists of - still has plenty of fight left.
    10. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      They never did, at least officially. From 1540 the eastern, larger part of the country spent a century and a half under the Ottomans until the Habsburg swallowed it all at Karlowitz in 1699. But even then Hungary never was incorporated into the Empire even though the King of Hungary was also simultaneously Holy Roman Emperor. Not that the HRE has much real world relevance by this point. And the part about Germans being the majority of the population in Hungary (at any period in history) is also total nonsense.
    11. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      13th century Hungary is not a Holy Roman Empire memberstate.

      This is historical fact. Nothing you say can change this.
    12. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Too bad that thread got closed. I didn't get to say that Hungary was not even in the HRE...
    13. Abaddon
      course not :)
    14. Abaddon
      Now, you die ;)

    15. NedimNapoleon
      not this turn, but you will see later
    16. Omega124
      Then you Anglo-Saxons invaded Britian. King Arthur* railled the Celts, and held them off for a while. But you eventually won against the Welsh, who used to rule all of present-day England. Scotland and Ireland would later join them under a union.

      *If he even existed. Its debatable. But the Celtic tribes did join together when he supposedlly live. But every time you support Arthur, you are supporting the Welsh killing the English so the English won't kill the Welsh. And don't get me started on the Irish-Scot flip-flop. The enthicity of Britian is a confusing subject. :p
    17. Omega124
      I was planning for a union of Celtic Crowns scince I joined the game. Why the heck would Iceland want to join Scotland? They aren't remotly similar culturlly. Plus, Ireland was ruled by the Normans at this time, and they were facing instabillity at this time (But they wouldn't collasp until the 16th Century). If the spark happened earlier, and Scotland is as strong as England, would they want to be under the Anglo-Saxons or their fellow Celts?

      Besides, I don't even want the territory you offer me. If I were to have one more claim in Britian, I would want Wales, because, you know, High King of Celts.
    18. Omega124
      Iceland is an example of gameplay trumphs story. I want that gunpowder.

      Well, if you funded rebels, they would have a chance to fail. And I could easily do the same in Cornwall (and if you claim it) or Wales. I'm not going to change my position on this: I'm the High King of Celts. Ireland for the Celts.

      (And I thought your vm said I could have Ireland)
    19. Omega124
      My story was posted before yours. Therefore, mine overtakes yours.

      We will, however, accept your offer for now. But be warned: All of Celtia will be under the High King of Celts some day! Watch and See!
    20. Omega124
      Your story conflicts with mine. The Irish are welcoming me with open arms.
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