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  • Immac, if you get a minute, could you go on NES chat? I'm going to work in a bit. So if you do, and I'm not on, I'll just PM you later.
    You're not :p, I'm just trying to find a middle man- something to make it easier for me to mod, and something that pleases you guys.
    hey Immaculate: in my boredom, I just finished looking through the "Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy" thread. epic!
    You know the whole point of that exercise was to demonstrate how poorly written the rules were, right?
    I'm afraid I haven't the slightest idea of knowledge of the time frame, to really be able to do that. Sorry Immac. On the bright side, I finally got my idea down, so I hope when the NES is ready to start, that you want to join it.
    Did you see my newest story? Its a bit stale, but that is because I have plans for that character, and he needs to do something! (Soon)
    I really enjoyed the game and am glad to have been part of it and contributed. I'm also thankful for your putting up with my being difficult.
    Game on!
    Any chance you might tell us when ImmacuNES IIb next update will be up? Like, a week, a month, two months, or more? I hope baby and wife are going well?
    Thank you! by the way, I looked at your thread in the forum to inspire me. it is beautifully designed. your NES also looks cool!!
    Sorry to pester you but could I have a reply to my emails to the Authority and Reeves?
    Those are pretty pathetic bureaucrats in my opinion if they only have one ACC. :p

    Also, can IP-III freighters carry freight (given they're loosely modelled on the VK-IIs), or are they restricted to personnel only? If they can carry freight, how much? I'm thinking, basically, sometime in the distant future, could I colonise, say, Clarke, with a fishing or aquaculture colony, and set up a trade with colonists going one way, and fish going the other way to sell at a profit on E2?

    Also, that "Rabid-class" frigate the Tsedeq have. What is it? Rabid-class isn't listed along with the other types of frigate.
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