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  • Hahaha I reckon that's all the people checking his account to see if he's updating FFHNES yet ;)
    So... Immac... Gonna answer my email? :p

    I had a couple of questions with the orders I sent in, they're pretty urgent.
    Hell, I didn't think my plans in FFH NES Ii would work so well. I had sent Tuan's Damned off in Grigori lands so Tuan would be more easily defeated to begin with. It's not like I tried hard to mess up the situation. It's mostly that the players were mostly oblivious to their surroundings. I mean, the Bannor holding festivals with zombies at their gate!?
    Now I wonder how they'll get out of that mess. I honestly thought I'd only manage to limit the ritual effects so they'd have to repeat it, not that I'd have zombies take over the whole place.
    And even then, I had little time to write down the orders. I came up with the zombie meat idea late, and could probably have done even worse with it.
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