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    Deity not hard enough - what are my options?

    I just won my 4th game on Deity. So far I've won Science with Poundmaker, Culture with Teddy, Diplo with Catherine and Religious with Jadwiga. Next game will be Domination with Simon Bolivar and I will complete all victory conditions sans score, should be fun. What I like about Deity in 6 is...
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    Which civs do you always seem to meet

    I have not met Rome or Catherine in like 10 games. It's always Bismark or Dido for me.
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    Comparing V vs VI

    I just won my first two Deity games, Science with Poundmaker and Culture with Teddy. My next game will be Diplo with Catherine. I have finally reached the point that I understand the game and I am having fun. My biggest complaint so far (I even got used to the graphics) is that the maps feel a...
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    Comparing V vs VI

    I disagree, Tradition is really good but Liberty is more than viable, especially for Domination.
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    So I finished my first Civ6 game and... I don't enjoy it as much as Civ5.

    It's complicated. I got 1700 hrs in V, still play it time to time. The graphics feel off, but the gameplay feels extremely detailed and a lot more complicated than V. I really do not like the ICS style of VI though, I like the quality over quantity approach of V. Other than that, I think it's a...
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    Civ 5 more popular than Civ 6

    I also switch between both. Civ 6 is full of new and interesting stuff, and I havent yet been able to grasp it completely. 1700hrs in 5, 230-ish in 6 :)
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    [GS] Your 3 best and 3 worst things about Civ 6

    Now I havent played 6 as much as I played 5, but from what I can tell after 300 hours: Best: 1) Districts 2) Eureka/Inspiration 3) Golden Age mechanics Worst: 1) Graphics: I still cannot stand the cartoonish look. 5 looks much better imo, it looks realistic and serious. 6 is just goofy. 2)...
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    Liberty Domination Walkthrough

    Thanks, I will check!
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    Liberty Domination Walkthrough

    Ever since Civ 6 was released I kinda wanted to get into it but I couldnt. I won a bunch of games in Immortal with all victory conditions, but I am still trying to get into it. In the meantime, I played my first Deity CiV game in almost 5 years. I was worried and felt rusty, I hadnt touched the...
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    Would you like to see Civilization V’s art style back in VI?

    I prefer the V's art. VI looks way too colourful, sometimes I cannot distinguish units from the ground. Worst is the fog of war, the parchement looks cool but is terrible to see anything.
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    [GS] It's Been a Few Weeks, GS Thoughts?

    I think this game is way too complex for AI to actually grasp and provide the player with a challenge. So many techs, eurekas, civics, buildings etc....I love all of the new features, but I think it's probably impossible to create an AI that can make use of all Civ VI offers and challenge the...
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    [GS] Does the game feel complete to you now?

    Here is my take: I think Civ VI is a beautifully made game with a ton of features. However, I think as a Civ game it is lacking. Mainly diplomacy and AI, especially compared to V. So another exp is needed imo. 1700 hours Civ V, 160 in Civ VI currently. And tbh, ever since my Immortal SV with...
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    What are your "unpopular" opinions about Civ6?

    V had paratroopers, I assume Spec Ops does the same in VI? Or am I wrong? I think V had better units overall tbh.
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