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Jan 3, 2020
Dec 12, 2015
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inthesomeday was last seen:
Jan 3, 2020
    1. yung.carl.jung
      user inthesomeday appears to be both incredibly based and very much headpilled. good posts in the boomers thread, fighting the right fight.
      1. inthesomeday likes this.
      2. inthesomeday
        Haha, appreciate the kind words. That kind of stuff drives me nuts...
        Apr 1, 2019
        yung.carl.jung likes this.
    2. Ailedhoo
      The UUC may make a potential friend for you...
    3. CivOasis
      Reminder that CityIOT orders are due in ~19 hours
    4. Ailedhoo
      The UAC is hopeful for peaceful relations with your power.
    5. MilesGregarius
      Just noticed your political compass scores. Had to say hey to a fellow perfect -10 on the economic L/R.

      Can't remember my exact social score, but mine too was somewhere around -9.
    6. Ailedhoo
      You plan to join with a cow demon?

      I know to sent a minotaur as a diplomat to your realm.

      The Dominion looks forward to good relations with you.
    7. Ailedhoo
      Our only intent for our monastery and the supporting port is for peace; its a single province in Maine. We would a isle but as you can see on the map there is no claimable isle... (OOC: unless someone could bribe the GM...)

      We pray for a peaceful outcome and that this International does not follow the follies of Rome in its era of emperors.
      1. Ailedhoo
        We should note that war against us would attract your rivals claiming Newfoundland; it would be reasonable to hence tolerate us having a port that we wish to use for our plans in Afro-Eurasia more than in Canada. Our trade would also be beneficial to Quebec. Please consider keeping to the path of peace.
        Nov 27, 2016
    8. Angst
      Hi! You haven't sent in orders for The Fated Dead. Luckily I don't have time for writing the update today, but I'll start writing it tomorrow, so you have until tomorrow to write up your actions for the month.
    9. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      Last call for orders!
    10. Nuka-sama
      Are you still playing as Persia in Blackened Skies?
    11. Nuka-sama
      Do you have a steam chat or anything like that?
    12. Nuka-sama
      Make sure to get your orders in for Blackened Skies in 36 hours or less :)
    13. Ailedhoo
      We should bind our houses through trade and marriage.

      Do you concur?
    14. Nuka-sama
      Hey do you want to continue our trade deal?
    15. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      Quick question about Wisps; if they are resurrected, does their old body come back, or is a new one somehow created? I noticed you mentioned their bodies being buried in the forest, but you also mention waking up in the cave. I don't even know if it will come up in the update necessarily, but it's just an interesting tidbit I wanted to know :)
    16. Sonereal
      Transports needed.
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    Economic Left/Right: -10.0
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.13