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  • Heh. This is a no budget film and at the time I had an automatic focus camera. I was the cameraman, director, writer, etc
    You're right, I should be more dexterous with my shooting. I just had a lot of restraints.
    What do you mean by exposure? You mean at times it was hard to see? You're probably right, I should have used a small nudge of lighting in some parts and some shading in others.
    Picture this:
    It's snowing, and I take my girlfriend to the park to sit under a tree and watch a movie on my laptop. The result is a nice, warm haven with a view of a sun-glazed snowy paradise complimenting the American Northwest. There we drink tea and cuddle together to watch the Notebook. Romantic huh? I cried she didn't.
    But when we watched the 5 minute rape scene in Irreversible, THAT got here crying.
    But no, it's nothing like the Fountain. The Fountain is overall an ecstatically fantastic movie.
    I like Marlon Brando. Both in the Godfather and in Apocalypse Now.
    It's from the movie Beyond the Black Rainbow (available on Netflix).
    Trippy movie. It's like a modern day 2001 Space Odyssey; although, 2001 had more to say and had more impressive imagery and isn't boring + it still follows an abstract and intellectual storyline. Black Rainbow has, amazingly, LESS to NO storyline, and often it's like looking at a portrait for 9 minutes. The prologue and middle is amazing though. Like an acid trip.
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