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  • You mind sending me my pre-nes orders? I lost them when i changed computer. I have the last ones from the pre-nes, but the first 4 (or 5?) i am missing.

    Thank you, but I just finished drawing them. You wouldn't mind if I just keep it the way I have it? I can always change for update 1.
    I'm working on the map right now and the city locations, especially for the upper Nile, are quite confusing. Especially how Puput is both on the east bank and due south of Jary, but also right at the edge betweent the delta and the narrow river. That location is literally Cairo, but then that would be north of your actual desired location, although it is south of a city based in the river fork, to the northwest of Cairo.
    I'm actually kinda confused about how the orders work, do I just broadly say one thing I want to focus on?
    I should probably tell you that my time for NESing has been quite constrained as of late, which is why I have yet to submit true stories nor make actually decent orders. This isn't me losing interest, it's just my personal situation. If you would rather someone with more time to dedicate to the NES takes Hungary, please let me know. I really wouldn't take it personally. If not, I'm more than happy to continue doing my part for the time being. You're doing a good job with the NES thus far, and looking forward to following whether it is as a player or simple reader.
    Apologies for being out after around Christmas or so, did not have much time to be on the computer or much access to it at all. Can I resume control over the Far East Republic? I can understand if you are uneager to let me do so.
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