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    They have lots of power in the cities and among the merchants, but is much less widespread than, say, Kitabalism (which has universal appeal) or The Faith (More Rural, but still quite universal). Zirilism has focused on the accumulation of power and resources and thus; merchants.
    Your allies remind you that they wish to join in with official declarations, and wish to know your final decision on the given (and admittedly generous) treaty offered you.
    Note: Hyaks=Semi-Fuedal=Fuedal Retainers=Much larger defensive forces=fortified walls=patroled rivers
    Err... sorry?

    Sorry. I'll see if I can find them. :p

    No diplomacy=isolated. Besides, there are hundreds of local tribes and opinions and none of them are louder than any other at this time.
    Your guide to politics is awesome! POST!

    EDIT: Also, the tithes are represented by the Religious/Cultural cities that sprouted up. I guess 1EP for Sarte from Danae so they can use its commercial records and 1EP for Kitalo from Parusha and other actually pious people.
    Well, I finished updating.

    Hope you get better soon. Which Exaltation do you want? Also, you get to give each Exaltation a nudge this turn (and this turn only) about how you want them to develope in the future.
    I like. With several changes, this is duly accepted as the order of events for Mesopotamia (with changes based on personal preferrance, knowledge of the Area, and what Iggy does).

    For the update, I will link the Mesopotamia region concerning Aramya to this, and then discuss differences and effects to other nations.

    Great job. :)
    Hey, I want to join as your vassal state in Babylon in Terrance NES. Will you allow me to survive?
    I think you got Zargotites and Paruhorsehockyes mixed up in your map; no matter, just so you know.
    I was wondering if I could encourage you to try a nation in my NES?

    Please, let me know if not why not, i'll not take offence :)
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