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  • Wow, I don't know what it means. With that profit, it really worth the hard work, hehe. :D

    Good Luck with that. :)
    Hi Jamie,
    It's to late to say this, but, I'm sorry for bothering you last Christmas.
    I promise I won't do that again. :)

    Hi, jamie^^

    I'm trying to learn how to mod civ4. And I'm thinking I might need your help. We're friend, aren't we?;)
    have a look at them on the mod's page if you want, some of them have changed in the patch (and look even better)
    ah ok! I will upload those units for you when I can, I'm pretty busy right now :p
    not my units! so credit goes to other unit makers apart from my roman general!

    I will attach to requests when I can
    You mentioned your mod in the Unit Request Thread. Could you please post just the Roman Units please? Making UU mod and think I could use them ;) will guve you credit for Roman Units (if you upload them)
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