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  • We all gotta have the money.

    Consider a non-aggression and trade pact with Phoenix Incorporated! Invest in a DP with us and receive a free robotics trade deal today!
    If you're still interested in a GaP-eque game, I'd like to invite you to join Babylonian Statecraft. I hope to see you around. :)
    Hey JC! I just wanted to say you have one of the best Friend Safaris available on my list that I didn't have to solicit for. You have Kirlias and Jigglypuffs in your Safari.
    Thanks to that, I've IV bred a number of perfect Timid Ralts, and two flawless ones.
    If you can get in touch, I'll gladly share one of the 31/x/31/31/31/31 Ralts I've bred with you.
    After my exam this afternoon I will begin to brainstorm a plan to set a IOT in BTL based on the rules of Sone's New Revolution. The crowd of BTLee will enjoy the geopolitical stuff and I think some IOT veterans are needed to add to their enjoyment. Consider well when I decide to create the game officially.
    Don't worry about it. Just message me today and I'll do my best to respond promptly. :D
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