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  • Boy am I tired from typing this 2000+ nonsense !.... Wow ! Great guitar !!! Do You play it or just pretending ? ;) I can see You;re holding an "E" there :D
    Hi! :D , it was some Filipino friend who's name i can't remember. but his avatar is some woman queen character in Game of Thrones. about your pc, that sucks.. maybe you could pm me your facebook name.. you know it's just cool to have a fellow Filipina civ gamer :D
    Nope, I'm not in deity yet...just struggling on prince. By the way, I got acoustic quitar as christmas present this year..but I'm really bad on playing it. The best songs I can play with quitar are the solo-part of "Smoke on the Water", "Ode to Joy" and "Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho" :lol:!
    Woohoo :woohoo:!! Jarry is back to business, right. I thought that you left the forums... Btw, why are you showing us a sad face? It is awesome that you came back! And seems like you started to play quitar in a heavy-metal band :goodjob:! And you changed the avatar too. Nice!!
    Jary-Head? Are you ok? What is happening? Jary-Head left from the forums? IMPOSSIBLE!! Please Jarry! Come back, please! :cry:
    Happy Valentines Day to You dear Jary ^^ You are probably overwhelmed with all the propositions ! ^^ All in all I wish You a very lovely day with Your chosen ! ^^
    Happy birthday to me!!
    Happy birthday tooo meeee!!
    Happy birthday to me....umm...sorry....
    Nope, I should continue work with Jamie's Rome soon problem is I have a couple of massive programming projects to do for my EPQ. After March I will have finished. It's a french verb conjugator and is being made into an android app which I am gonna sell :D if I'm right I could make £500 to £5000 but then who knows :p. Really exciting stuff, everybody who knows about it is really looking forward to it :) I really want to work on my mod though :think:

    edit: well there is Jamie's Medieval Mod but that won't be out until I finish Rome
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